I Take a Challenge Everyday

Sujit Lalwani
Published on: July 2012

I take a challenge every day
That tomorrow should be better than today.
When I fight my inner self, I do lose battles sometime
But the war with myself, is what I win every time.

I crib not, about what is gone
I forget the nights, start afresh every dawn.
Present, is what, I create and enjoy
Content am I, like a child with his toy.

i take a challenge everyday,battle
What it is! matters, not to me
Coz I believe to see what can be.
Not blaming others, faults in me, is what I see
Coz I believe if it is to be it is up to me.

I just not know how to smile
But I believe in spreading a smile.
It's not easy to spread a smile,
For this, one needs to walk an extra mile.

Step by step, step by step, is how I tread the path,
In sea of failures, to reach success, I had to bath,
The fun lay, not in the destination
But journey itself was a fascination.

Nothing came free, but with success in mind
I paid the price, not just money, but in every kind.
What it is to successful, had I known
To reach it, double the efforts, would I have sown.

I counted not the seeds in a fruit
But counted the fruits that came from every root.
I hit the iron when it is hot
But ridicule in return is all I got.


When I touched the pinnacles, I saw the viewpoints alter
Concern in return for a little hard work; I think was a good barter...
Concern in return for a little hard work, I thought was a good barter...

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