i3 Season 3 Conference 12

Basavaraj TM
Published on: 28th July 2015
i3 Season 3 Conference 12
We, the delegates of i3 Bangalore were eagerly waiting for the 12th Conference. We witnessed Sneha Chandrashekar mam as the councellsor and that day was great to the people who dream to become an Entrepreneur.

The lessons that Sneha chandrashekar ma'am shared with us are undoubtedly very useful in every person's life irrespective of their journeys.

I personally learnt the following:

1. Success does not depend on age: Dream for success and fight for it. So many people step back thinking this is not the right age to for something. Age doesn't matter for your success.
2. Failures don't define your success: If you failed, bounce back with the same energy  and get going.
3. Learn from experiences and experiments.
4. Develop your networking skills, no matter which field you are into.
5. Use communication media effectively.
6. Be open to learn something new everyday.
7. Keep growing and keep glowing.
8. Understand your wants, visions, ideas, strengths and weakness.
9. Be disciplined and make road map for success. Along the road create opportunities for yourself.
10. If you want to achieve something, never tell yourself to stop.

The conference was amazing and the lessons learnt from Sneha chandrashekar ma'am will remain embedded on our minds and we will implement them in our lives.
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