Amazing Creator!

The creation is live proof for the Creator's existence
Hira Khan
Published on: 9th July 2015

When I see the mountains, when I feel the fresh air,
When sunlight comes in from my window,
that itself make me clear
That you are an amazing creator!

Million of stars, twinkling in the dark,
How does the sun tremendously spark
When I feel your presence every where
Oh God you are an amazing creator! 

Seeds turns to plants, stream turns to cloud,
Every drop of rain comes like a glee and shout,
Litters of water into the sea come from where?
It itself makes me clear,
Oh God you are an amazing creator!!

Every day comes with your new blessings. 
How adventurously is your nature exciting!
You feed all species and every soul
How charismatic is your nature and you whole!
When nature reveals and  does this care,
this itself make me clear..
That you are an amazing creator! 

You have no indifferences, you treat all equally,
In my worries I call you daily,
Feeling you are with me
It chased away all my fears,
Oh God you are an amazing creator!!
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