Relearning, yet again

Sandhya Nagaraj
Published on: 15th July 2015

Born happy, born loving
The world teaches you to be callous
And in your desire to learn and grow
You plant bombs in the mind that will later cause woe..

Born kind, born compassionate
The world teaches you to be aloof to others' pain
And in your desire for more gain
Your changed self looks for divinity in vain..

Born trusting, born intelligent
The world teaches you to doubt the world you live in,
And in your desire to never be betrayed
You barely trust another, and find yourself more alone.

Learning is a joyful process
But the realisation is shattering that you have learned wrong
Unlearning perhaps, the most painful process
Undoing what you learned to get back to who you were all along
Black mixed with white can never be white again
Old learning mixed with new will never win you the game,
Clear out the black, unlearn what you learnt,
Relearn something NEW... YET AGAIN!
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