Work & Feelings

What you feel doesn't matter as long as the intentions are pure and the expected end result is good.
Sunil Kumar G
Published on: 16th May 2015
To succeed in any work we always follow many things. In that mainly we go through our feelings. If we are happy by doing something we continue that, otherwise we leave it. Before leaving it, we should think about a few things, to become successful in life.
Work & Feelings
First, we should verify whether the work which we are doing is good or bad. If it’s good then we have to think what kind of feelings it's giving to us while doing. If it's giving good feelings then it’s really awesome to go with that. But, if it's giving bad feelings still its best to go with that because ultimately it will give best result. I would like to give an example of this. Just imagine that you’ve decided to clean the bus stop where you get into the bus every day. While doing that work you may get bad feelings or feel uncomfortable by hearing the comments from many, but ultimately you will feel very happy with your work.

Sometimes, the work that we choose to do, might make us feel good even though that work is not good, then please don't do that kind of things because in the end it will give bad feelings only. I would want to share an example here. Just imagine that in front of your house, a street dog is attacking a stranger in your street. You may laugh at that, but at the end by seeing his position you will feel bad about yourself.
I like to conclude by saying this - The work that you choose to do is more important than how you feel while doing it. If work is good then everything will be good!
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