Internet: The Bungalow;Social Media Portals:The Living Rooms!

Sujit Lalwani
Published on: November 2011
Technology has taken a leap in the last two decades, which the world has not seen for centuries now. The internet has been a revolution, which has brought the world onto a single platform. Thanks to Vint Cerf, the father of internet, who has really brought the world family on to one virtual floor (not under a roof though). Imagine a house with 7 billion people in it, that's what internet is capable of creating.

Talking, socializing, marketing, selling, meetings, buying, booking tickets for travel to movies, storage, reading, library, movies, games, trading, schooling, education and everything bar nuclear war can happen on this floor. What makes it rise to this extent is the flexibility and ease of reaching masses it provides. Wildfire, would surely have to add nitrogen boosters, to it's speed of spreading and I bet it would still fall way short of matching the speed with which word spreads on Internet.
internet the bungalow,technology
Where does this word spreading happen? On the internet the master bed-rooms(there is not just one) happens to be Social media sites. These connect friends to friends, to their friends and in sometime we don't doubt they will even connect aliens :)).

First thing you should be doing if you are starting a business today is to ensure, you have a FB page for it and twitter account for it. Along with these two, maintain a blog, to regularly pass updates to your consumers. Today, maintaining these pages is equivalent to maintaining the large built offices, well built showrooms and godowns, industries or large structures!

Internet today is also a platform for relationship building and maintaining as well. Though nothing will ever beat one on one meetings, but, we cannot overlook the fact that they too happen over internet today, SKYPE has a presence you cannot deny!
One issue of this e-Magazine is less to put up all that I feel about Internet. To sum it all up, Internet is a whole new direction to the world. Let us powerfully use it to make this world a better place!
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