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A song from heart

Here is a song that was in my heart....
Here is the thought that gripped me from the start......
Am I here just to belong, or to achieve?
Am I here to agree, or to believe?

Will I just fight or actually break new barriers?
Am I for this message one of the only carriers?
That you are you, and no one else can be.....
Do you have a vision which only you can see.....

Do you have the drive to show it to the world?
Or forever inside you will it just be curled?
Do you see the change that the change can bring......
Or will the change be just entrapped within.....

Do you have the voice that speaks for many?
Do you have the will to quell new barriers any?
Do you just move, or do you know the way?
Do you see the goal or just go astray?

The purpose of these thoughts is only this....
There is a difference between a hit and a miss.....
You are the change and you are the drive.....
And it's you who can either succumb or continually thrive......

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Sreejith Krishnakumar
Sreejith Krishnakumar is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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