That's all I ask for

Sonal Lobo
Published on: 16th November 2014

I sit alone and look quietly through the window
I wish to find someone who could at least share a smile or drop in to say 'hi'
I do nothing or is it people who think so.
I wake up lonely and sleep with tears in my eyes.
I have no one, is the world so empty?
I am old and bent with age
But my heart and thoughts are still young.
I have no companion to share my thoughts.
My little children have grown big and busy....
Each one spending time with things that don’t interest me.
And I am a burden for all.
I remembered those days when I protected them in my arms.
Taught them to walk and talk
I played with them, fed them and hugged them on and on.
For me, they were the only reason of living.
Wind or sun, I protected them no matter what...
I look back at those days with tears, wished they had never grown old at all.
So that they would still love me
Today, I thirst for nothing more than just love
Dear children look at me just once
Fix a small appointment for me, your old mom
And just give me a hug, talk to me
That is all I want and ask.

thats all i ask,mom,love
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