The world today

Sonal Lobo
Published on: 19th November 2014

All is fast today and nothing slow
Our food is fast but our digestion low
Our talk is fast but understanding low
We fall in love quickly but understand its importance rarely
We meet friends through networking sites but fail to recognize the friend standing by
Dreams are big but our aspirations low.
We smile for formality and cry partially.
The songs we sing are short
The pictures we sketch are incomplete
Our houses are big but hearts small
The ladder of success is high; the steps we take are small.....
We want more but give less
Talk is less and arguments more...
All of them make an attempt to impress but fail to actually express.
Our plans are big but our commitment low.
We find it difficult to genuinely appreciate
We frown when someone asks to share.
We find no time to play and have fun
Our world is busy with gadgets, clubs and so on.
In today’s world we are completely confused
Constantly searching where to fit
Let’s never forget, we are unique and special
Wearing a mask will lead us nowhere
To gather let’s build a world of love and joy

the world today,fast
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