You are The...

Tanya Srinath
Published on: 11th November 2014

You are the inner brightness
Of a thousand suns.
You are the motive power
Of a thousand seas…

I give you a name,
I give you a form,
And worship you in
Shrines unknown to
The rest of mankind.

You, oh Formless One,
One that needs no name
Being the name of Everything and Everyone,
You discard like trifles
The name and form I so
Lovingly cloak you in…

You shrug your vast shoulders
Of Life, with detached disappointment,
Guiding my teary sight and weary hands
To higher aims, higher sight…

You are the Muse of all Muses.
You are Ambition.
Why would I want to call you
Anything else?
you are the, god, support
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