Live and Let Live

Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Published on: 21st November 2015

Renunciation by Ashoka,
Traditions of Ahimsa
The Traditions beyond comparison
Heritage of sacrifices
King Sibi cut his own flesh
Meghrath offered himself
protecting birds
Aristnemi became Neminath
Seeing the cruelty against animals
Amrita Devi Bishnoi stood firm
Protecting Khejri

You are also a drop from that same ocean
Same hue
Same texture
Same colour
Same spirit
Just aspire

Smile and let smile
Spread joy
Aim high
Pick up a mission
A humble submission
Take up a cause

Raise your hand
Make your stand
Spread  your wings
Make a try
Fly high
See the sky
Live and Let Live The joy of sharing
Common resources
Convert people
Touch their soul
Make them feel
Infectious zeal

No beef, no pork
Just kinder support
Triumph of life
Celebration of joy
different forms
different appearances

Finity to infinity
Division to unity
Existence to serenity
Cruelty to affinity
The journey of divinity
Live and let live
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