New beginnings

Sandhya Nagaraj
Published on: 4th Anniversary (20 Nov '15)

When a new door opens
And you walk through,
You never know what lies ahead at the start,
The journey could be a life changing experience, or a life consuming one..

When a new season begins
And you decide to live through it,
You never know what this season will bring to you,
It could bring you pearls of wisdom or pain unimagined..

When a new chapter starts,
And you decide to live that chapter,
You never know how that chapter will end,
It could just be the indication of yet another chapter of life,
or it could very well be a fairy tale ending..

New doors are yet to be opened and walked,
New seasons are yet to be lived and enjoyed,
New chapters are yet to be accepted and embraced,
For through one of them we shall find the answer for it all..
New beginnings
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