The Silent Supporter of Society

Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Published on: 17th November 2015

People talk of him
Leaders thrive on him
Departments work for him
NGOs  help him
Governments grants him
Systems support him
Yet he doesn’t know
He gets no subsidy
Nor does he asks
He gets no aid
Nor does he want  
He gets no Z security
Nor does he demand  

He constructs
Both temple and mosque
He gives shape to
Both statue and grave
He doesn’t know the law
Nor does he want to  
He doesn’t know the rules
Nor does he pretends to
He knows the fire in the belly
He understands the basics
He prepares the food for us
He prepares the shelter for us

Creates all foundations
Rejects all decorations
Gets no awards
Rejects no awards
Prices may rise
Taxes may surprise
Cess may arise
Corruption may thrive
But He doesn’t strike
He doesn’t bite
The Silent Supporter of Society
He knows only one language
The language of toil
Preparing the soils
Toiling morning to  night
Working hard in fields
No government can reach him
No problem can touch him

He is the farmer in the field
He is the worker on street
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