I Met Beauty

Michael Dale-Asiedu
Published on: 12th September 2016

Sauntering about in a tiny county
A single lad welled with curiosity
Approaching far-off was my would-be majesty
Dropped down from a heavenly dynasty
I met beauty

The telepathy in her movement
As if predestined from the firmament
Decorated in finest Nubian ornament
Paragon of beauty in a distant environment
I met beauty

Remembering the princess’ story
In its dense dazzling glory
With intermittent scenes of gory
Assuredly bidding her not to worry
I met beauty

Her oratory was remarkable
Her outlines were noticeable
Her contour-shaped figure was impeccable
To the goddess of beauty only is she comparable
I met beauty

I met beauty in all her contagious sweetness
Pellets of pearls fall from her lip’s fullness
Her deep discernment portrays her uniqueness
Her default rendition of love emblazons her kindness
I met beauty
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