Next Wednesday now?

Manchit Kaur Sachdeva
Published on: 13th September 2016

Uncomfortably on the chair I sat
Heard his silver sticks and funny mirrors
Dancing between my jaws 
I chewed all the pain that I felt in my mouth
I gulped ever sensation I wanted to scream out loud
His shirt button, his watch, his picture on the wall
I stared and observed it all
Thought it will distract me from the pain I felt
Like my poetry does from my problems
In one hand a pipe I held
Still oblivious, was it sucking the anaesthetic
Or throwing air in my mouth
Something weird was happening
And it continued for pretty long
Until he stood and said “ Its done
Next Wednesday now ”

Next Wednesday I got a call
“Reach by 6” said his secretary’s sweet voice
I didn’t want to go to that dreadful place again
But sadly I had no choice
On that chair again I sat
This time surprisingly it felt a bit cozy
He stretched his gloves on his hands
And on my mind I stretched some thoughts
With his tools he started making some sounds
In which I could find some rhythm somehow
This time I didn’t run away from the pain
Allowed his tools to jump and play
I didn’t had to notice anything around
I tried to figure out what’s going on
I could feel the wire passing by
Teeth by teeth it covered my entire jaw
He said “ It’s done”
To which I asked “ Next Wednesday now? ”
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