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Lessons a child teaches us all

A newborn which completes his development in mother's womb, travels the most difficult journey of 10 centimetres through birth canal and ultimately comes into this world. A newborn cannot speak, cannot walk, can't even hold his head and he is considered amateur in walk of life but he is bestowed with precious qualities that we need to learn from him, that we have lost while growing up!
One of the most important lesson a child teaches us is 'how to love?'. A child never sees beauty of his mother or her social status or financial condition before falling in love with his mother. Love of a child is not influenced by beauty or social status or financial condition. For a child his mom is most beautiful person in the world whatever may be her complexion or look. His mom means world to him, it doesn't matter what she is to world. Love of a child is not affected whether his mom is poor or rich. Child yearns to hear his mom's voice and doesn't sleep until he hears sleeping melody ' Lori' from his mom, it doesn't matter if her mom is good at singing or not. On the other hand we talk to people having high financial or social status. We prefer to be with someone very beautiful or handsome. But a child teaches us a true love connects two hearts and is out of reach of these materialistic things. A child teaches what true love is.
Lessons a child teaches
A child cries when he is sad. He laughs when he happy. He expresses whatever he has in his mind. But we fail to do so. All because, we fail to express, we have made our life complicated. Inability to say 'No' all because others may feel hurt and we  suffer from all the things. We move with a mask on our face and have become fake. But a child teaches to express whatever we have in our mind.

A child doesn't know how to crawl?, how to stand?, how to walk? and how to talk? He is new to everything but still he tries. He never thinks that what if I fail Or fall? On the other hand many a times we often refrain trying new things all because of fear of failure but buddy what you can do now perfectly was something new for you at some point of time but you tried and succeeded. One more thing to think on is , 'How will you come to know how good you are at it unless you try it once?' So a child teaches us now to refrain from trying new things.

A child falls, cries but again get up and tries to walk. But many times when we experience something that is unexpected and unwanted fall in life, we get upset and start crying which is very normal but we fail to get up or take a long time to move on. We get stuck in that bad event so much that we ruin other things also due to our disturbed behaviour. Getting upset is normal but for a long time is not working. Whenever you are upset due to something ask yourself, ' whether getting upset will resolve everything?'
Also ask,' How much time you will waste all because of being sad?'

A child teaches to move ahead after every  fall you experience.
A child teaches that we will fall many times but we have to get up again and try to bring everything back to normal.
A child while trying to walk, falls again and again but he doesn't give up after a fall, he gets up again and tries again till he ultimately walk on his feet. In the same way we will fall again and again in this walk of life but these fall should never stop us. Don't let failures cease our journey. You have to be persistent in your efforts to be successful.

While speaking a child fumbles, while walking he falls, people laughs at him but the child doesn't give a damn to it. He doesn't stop because people will laugh or comment. He does what he wants to do but we often stop after a failure because people will comment or laugh at us but all we have to do is to ignore them and walk towards your goal.

I often scold my nephew if he does something that may render him some harm. He gets sad but after sometime he comes, he laughs with me, plays with me, does that cute pranks and mischiefs as if nothing happened, as if I didn't scold him. But this is not the case with us. Once a person goes rude on us or we had an quarrel with someone we don't talk to him for days. He teaches us to resolve issues in relations as soon as possible. Whenever my niece cries my nephew either does one of two things, he either cries with her or pampers her so that she stops crying. He understands pain of others and try to sympathize others. He is sensitive to pain of others but somewhere while growing up we have become insensitive to pain of others, instead people exploit the meek. We are losing the quality that make us human that's quality of humanity.

A child is just a child, an amateur weeping  day and night, wetting his bed but still he has some qualities inculcated in him which makes him a better human. A stands as an inspiration for us to inculcate such precious qualities in us. He teaches us way to keep the life simple and easy. He teach us what love is, be expressive, try new things, don't get stuck by one fall, perseverance is key to success, resolve the issues and be friendly and understand the pain of others. These are lessons a child teaches us.

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Vishal Rajkumar Gudlani
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