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Smashing In The Face Of Impossible

A lot of people might say it's impossible to do something. You yourself might have though about a lot of things that is impossible to do. How do you overcome the feeling? Is it truly impossible or is it simple the face that you are scared to do it? This write-up shall answer!
I often find myself sobbing in the middle of the night thinking of the choices I forced upon me, compromises I made. I have set up delusions to just comfort myself that everything is fine. I choose to ignore stuff rather than attend them. Often "It's Impossible", "No way", "Maybe next time" are my kind of conclusions. I often get criticized for this, I never let anything new or right happen to me and it's ironic.

It's necessary to know nobody will see it, nobody will join you, nobody will have this vision of delusion you have. It is very necessary to know that a lot of us complain but don't want to do anything about their situation. Remember that you’re an uncommon breed, you know that you must know within yourself that "I can do this, even if nobody else sees it for me,  I must see it for myself."
Smashing In The Face Of Impossible
If you want to be the best at best and if you want to reach the pinnacle of that, you must be!! You have to be obsessed wanting it, there is no way around. Greatness in any field cannot be achieved without obsession. People will tell you obsession is a big NO NO!! It's a bad thing. But trust me, you won't regret being obsessed once you spot yourself on the silver line.

It is necessary that we associate with winners. We often tend to push them away because either you have a serious inferior complexity or deadly cringe. But at least, show them you will never give up. It's you, you got to take personal responsibility to make it happen. See sometimes we can't say I can do it. But what we can say is "It is possible, that I can have my dream."

Somewhere down the line you changed, you stopped being you. You let the people point you at you and say " Good! When things got rough. you get looking at the things to blame like one dark big shadow." Until you will not believe in yourself, you don't have a life. In this lifetime you have nothing to prove to anybody, but for yourself. Look at what you want and if you didn't start believing it right now, it ain't gonna happen. Ever!!

Everything is possible; all you got to do is start. Just START, you know you are going to break records, you know you are going take that damn thing to next level. You just have to believe that you are going to do something nobody has done ever before. If you want to do a little bit more than the next,  If you want to cling in there a little longer, Sacrifice a little bit more. The journey is not easy. Before you start the journey mentor it. You must know the right reasons, the right inspiration to cling on there the entire journey. We all have the ability to do anything, To have it, To own it. You can drive it, you can work it, you can earn it. Impossible is nothing. You got to believe in yourself, in your dreams. One day, you are going to live your moment. "IMPOSSIBLE" is just a ten letter big word.

Question the impossible. The greatest achievements of mankind were achieved with questions. Be inquisitive with Impossible. Smash right in the face of "IMPOSSIBLE"!!!

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