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The Mentoring Chronicles 2: Passion-fruit Punch or Poison? Drink it UP!

From those few who have been blessed to have mentors who help them grow to their fullest potential to those who are still on their lookout for a person who will be invested for their welfare just as much (if not more, inevitably) as they are - It is best to treat a mentor along the same lines Indian marriages are treated. The stuff of strong commitment and unbreakable bonds, along with going as far as one possibly can- which might as well be all the way!
Here’s the link to the first article for those of you who want a recap:

Often, we get into situations we don’t want, and then struggle to get out of the very same situations we absolutely enjoyed getting into. Let getting mentored not be one of those situations, for if you are not conscious about your decision of growth with a mentor, it very well is going to be. On the other hand if you are not challenged by your mentor, then it’s time to ask if you have the right mentor after all! The very purpose of having a mentor is to have that one person to whom you give authority to push you out of your comfort zone time and again, to get you going farther than you would on your own - no matter if you have just wound down to relax on your hammock after a comfortable day at work or have just taken your first sip of coffee after a long trek!
Passion-fruit Punch or Poison? Drink it UP!
So, on a day when you’ve just gotten indoors after an hour-long strength straining session at the gym, or a dance class or yoga, if there’s a new assignment from your mentor and the deadline is today, don’t give up just yet. Pick up the tools you need to get that assignment done, and don’t look back at how much you did yesterday.

It doesn’t matter where you worked or how much you worked yesterday, it doesn’t matter if you were at the top of your game yesterday, and it doesn’t matter who your friends were yesterday. What matters is what your topic of conversations are today, what matters is what places you are visiting today, what matters is what impact you are having on those around you today. Paradise isn’t a place that you build yesterday and live today, it is what you create for yourself every moment right then. So, if you’ve got a good run and gone at it for a 1000 times, and there’s a call for a 1001th run, maybe it still isn’t over.

And when it’s over… oh, you’ll KNOW when it’s over!

In the eponymous Harry Potter series, there comes a point when Harry Potter and his famous principal Albus Dumbledore reach a sea cave that is far-out-of-reach, even for the non-muggles. They find a basin filled with an emerald green potion, within which Dumbledore believes lies an object of prime importance for the HP series. Dumbledore tells Harry that he would drink the potion himself, and warns him that he should not let him stop until the last drop is finished, even though it might paralyze him, cause him to forget what he is here for, create so much pain that he gets distracted, or render him incapable in some other way…

… well, is there anything in your life that you would go to great extents for, even if it means that you may encounter something on your way that might paralyze you, or cause you to forget your original intent, or create so much pain that you get distracted, or render you incapable in some other way? Food for thought…!

“Only by drinking it can I empty the basin and see what lies in its depths”, Dumbledore says.

…and just like that, there’s an answer for everything. So the next time your mentor asks you to pick up your hiking gear and get going to the next hiking destination just when you’ve finished a hike that was your longest the last weekend, just do it. When your next assignment is to write a short story with a word count of minimum 3000, and your best article so far hasn’t shot past a 1000 words, it is only to break your mindset. And keep on breaking it and moving past, until you finally arrive. So whatever your mentor orders, drink up!

Who is to answer that million-dollar question everybody has on their mind while going all the way?

What if that drink is not passion-fruit punch, but is poison instead?

Well, well, well. How could you possibly know just what the drink holds unless you pick it up and drink? No, testing it on anyone else is not an option – it is like forcing down a drink you wanted in the first place down your unsuspecting friend’s (or worse, pet’s) throat.

Your drink, your throat, your destiny.

And even if happens to be your last, it will be well worth it. Bottoms up! Cheers.

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