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Corporate Startup Summit

Join the Corporate Startup Summit on 19th - 20th June, 2017 - Salzburg, Austria
Collaborate to INNOVATE.

A two days conference on Corporate & Startup Collaboration, Intrapreneurship and Digital Transformation is coming for the first time to Austria. The European platform #1 supports all Innovation Managers, Digital Leaders, Intrapreneurs and Change Makers in making a real impact everyday.
Corporate Startup Summit
The Corporate Startup Summit is an exclusive networking event with the aim of supporting Corporates as a startup. 250+ participants learn, exchange, and be inspired by creators of international formats. The participants learn from international experienced professionals, exchange on and discuss best practices with other ambitious intrapreneurs. Be inspired by Panels, Keynotes, Fishbowls and Workshops.

What is Corporate Startup Summit 2017 in SALZBURG about?

Corporate & STARTUP Collaboration

Startup Scouting, Match Making, Acceleration, Startup Scaling, Startup Readiness, Incubation, Startup Transfer Knowledge, Sustainability, Private Startup Pitches, Integration Of Innovation, Financially Viable Collaboration Models


Lean Startup, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Tools For Intrapreneurs, Corporate Startup Social Intrapreneurs, Cultural Change, Entrepreneurial Revolution, Programs For Intrapreneurs, Corporate Culture

Digital Transformation

Blockchain, Iot, Change In Digital Services, Disruptive Technologies, Business Innovation, Roadmap For Digital Transformation, Digital Workplace, Big Data, Digital Strategy, Cloud, Beyond Technology, The Future Of Work, Artificial Intelligence, Business Model Innovation, Digital Disruption, Corporate Strategic Partnerships, Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate Startup Award

This year, the Corporate Startup Award is given for the second time! The best of the best will compete in 3 different categories - our jury of experts from the startup and entrepreneurship scene will decide who the awards are for this year.

Who can attend?


You know that implementing innovative ideas is a permanent struggle against windmills. Nevertheless, you cannot help but find and conquer new markets. For you, the "yes" also exists in the world of "no". Giving up is not an option for you on the road to success because you are and act differently than the rest.

Innovation Managers

You know the difference between core operations and the development of new business models. It is your job to support the intrapreneurs in the company in the best possible way and to keep their backs in the day business.


As Managing Director, the notorious Innovator's dilemma is your constant companion: on the one hand, you have to satisfy your stakeholders; on the other hand, it is also your duty to pave the way for new business models in order to ensure the future growth of the company. That is why you are promoting Intrapreneurship: You do not want to be an expensive change manager that needs to force changes, but innovators who WANT.

Over the past three years, the Corporate Startup Summit has been successfully established as THE Platform for Corporate Entrepreneurship in the DACH Region. This platform supports companies in their interpreneurial and digital transformation, as well as in cooperation with startups. The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with Corporate Startup Summit as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended.

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