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11 Coffee Hacks That Will Instantly Improve your Morning

We all love that first cup of coffee on a morning, don’t we? Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of the first sip. But what if that feeling could be made even better? Or what if you could save money or time and get the same great taste?
Here are 11 coffee hacks that will make your mornings even better:

1. Use Cinnamon Rather Than Sugar

If you like your coffee sweet but are worried about the negative effects the sugar or artificial sweetener is having on your body, then try switching out your sugar does for cinnamon. Cinnamon has a lovely sweet taste, but without the damaging elements found in sugars and artificial sweeteners.

2. Add a Knob of Butter

I know it sounds crazy, but adding a knob of unsalted butter to your coffee rather than cream will give it a whole new flavor and save on the calories!
Coffee Hacks That Will Instantly Improve your Morning
3. Add Syrup

It’s no surprise that adding syrup can make a normal coffee taste even better. Make your own syrup by warming two cups of water then stirring in two cups of sugar until it dissolves, then add the flavoring of your choice.

4. Add Salt

Have you ever brewed your pot of coffee and left it too long and it’s gone bitter? It really doesn’t taste good that way, but rather than throwing it away, simply add a pinch of salt to remove the bitter taste!

5. Eat Grapefruit for Breakfast

Eating a piece of grapefruit with your coffee will slow down the caffeine absorbing process in your body meaning that the effects on your mental agility will last much longer!

6. Time it Right!

Usually, at around 7 am, your body produces a rush of cortisol which can boost your energy levels. You can either capitalize on this, for a maximum boost by having your coffee around this time or try to spread out the feeling of energy by waiting until around 8 am for your first coffee of the day.

7. Add Homemade Creamer

If you use an espresso machine, you might choose to add creamer to your coffee. This can end up expensive as store bought creamer doesn’t tend to last for long. Make your own creamer by adding a drop or two of almond oil or vanilla extract to milk.

8. Make an Easy Latte

If you want a latte, but don’t want to purchase an expensive machine, simply warm up some milk and put it into your French press. Pump the milk until it is frothy and add it to your espresso shot!

9. Use a Popcorn Maker to Roast your Own Beans

If you fancy roasting your own beans but don’t know where to start, try using a popcorn maker. When the beans turn from green to brown, the roasting process is complete. You won’t get fresher coffee than that. 10. Add Flavours Directly to The Beans

Rather than adding flavors to the coffee once it’s brewed, try adding ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or even small pieces of chocolate to your coffee beans before you grind them. This adds a whole new depth of flavor to your favorite drink.

11. Add Protein Powder

If your morning coffee kick starts your daily work out, why not give yourself an extra boost and add a chocolate or vanilla protein powder to your coffee rather than a flavored syrup? You’ll get the same great taste, but an even better energy boost! 

Have you been missing out on some of these incredibly easy tricks? Which one will you try first?

Who knew that coffee could be so versatile as well as so good!

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