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April 11: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

If you've ever been inspired by the lines, "convert your signature into autograph, then this compilation of thought provoking and truth awakening lessons is sure help you. Read, understand and implement these lessons to help yourself.

1. “Patience is the secret ingredient which leads you towards contentment.”

Even after all the lessons and divine strengths which are incorporated in your mind, you may feel out of place and encounter a feeling of running short of ideas every now and then. It is our brave moves and constant cheered heart that serves as a medicine to fulfill not only the requirements to achieve our goal but also lay a legacy into the world for your idea to continue its breath. Don’t forget that we anyways try to comfort our lives, but do it with a little more positivity which serves the entire world with a pavement to drive it successfully.

Masaru Ibuka essentially added the two secret ingredients and also made it a point to apply their essence to handle success. He characterized his life with threads of victory and achievements and also technically framed his views and perceptions towards life. Working at Photo-Chemical Laboratory, a film processing company, he also served in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. The member of the Imperial Navy Wartime Research Committee gradually walked towards founding a radio repair shop in Tokyo. His brilliance enabled him to co-found Sony Corporation. Being instrumental of transistor technology at Sony, he was blessed with the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure.

2. “Feel the fullness of your life after you designate it with success.”

You would always experience contentment and feel the completeness of your life when you witness the pay you receive for all your hard work and efforts. After showering all your energy, interest, attitude to work and in fact every bit of yours towards your interest and passion, you will definitely get crowned by the awesomeness which takes form only as a result of your way of life. Every time you give your best, you would naturally yearn for something great and wonderful. Just imagine your life which is appended with every single desire of yours. It feels great right? And now, imagine your efforts and attitudes making it get filled with desires. This is what is called, fullness!  

Life of Pierre Péladeau was credited for using his wonderful attempts to cure his hunger for success. You will give your 100% if you want to decorate your life with self-satisfaction and contentment. Same was the case in his life too. Along with rendering a successful journey, French-Canadian businessman founded Quebecor Inc. This media company echoed growth and clarity all throughout. Even after serving his domain and elongating it with his creation, Quebecor Inc Company, he died penniless as he realized the fact that, nothing is taken along when part this world towards the eternal journey. The inspirational philanthropist served many organizations and in many ways to capture the beauty of reality. 

3. “The evolution of success is when you constantly strive for it.”

Do you remember what you were told when you were small, when you asked about the twinkling stars in the sky? The reason for their twinkling was explained based on the reaction among the hot gases in them. The process carried out among these hot gases can be related to the struggles, fights and efforts which we go through and put across. The twinkling effect is related to the success that embraces you. Success is not an automated process. It is an everlasting and nonstop progressive growth which purely depends on your  hard work.

Jyotirao Govindrao Phule strived hard at every instant of his time and never let his confidence decrease for any cost. He always strived to hike up his speed to fulfill his vision and also qualified his self to taste success. The Indian activist, thinker, social reformer and writer spread his work to many fields: he focused on eradicating untouchability and the caste system, women's emancipation and the reform of Hindu family life. The kind of work which he had delivered, created a lot of followers who followed his footsteps to better the society. He formed the Satyashodhak Samaj to grant equal rights for peasants and people from lower castes. He acted as the real hero in the Social Reform Movement in Maharashtra.

4. “Remember, you always have the capability to dominate and overcome all your disabilities. You know what you can do only after you try.”

Reasoning is the most common thing which we all do to overcome unfavorable situations. Remember, excuses are used as medicines to cure anything that is not in the line of an achiever’s path. The overall step up towards an achievement is when you develop sincerity and the sense of responsibility which you are supposed to exhibit at all costs to derive fortune and true happiness from your life and the way you lead it. The urges for achieving and mental stability to resist the hindrances, actually help you retrieve the success formulae and help you win life.

William Wallace Campbell  authenticated the lesson of overcoming disabilities through your capabilities. The American astronomer and director of Lick Observatory studied the insight to achieve. He pioneered the astronomical spectroscopy and concatenated the radial velocities of stars. Using all his technical skills and abilities, he discovered the Wolf–Rayet star. He deserved to feel the heavenly joy after putting forth our efforts and skills to produce something effective. He, also serving as the president comprised of the essential guiding elements which would lay us into the achiever’s path instantly. Campbell attempted to make every minute of his tie productive by spending fulltime summers at the Observatory. He had several specialties!

5. “When you develop the ability to listen to negative comments and still do not lose your confidence, that is what means that you are truly elevated.”

People are of two kinds: encouraging and discouraging. First set of people are those who push you, fill in confidence and cheer you up which enable you to turn the impossible to possible. But the second set are those who always highlight the negatives, scare you of the consequences and make you feel low which hinder your actions and steps which you wanted to take. Now, your strength and receiving quality come into play. Develop a filter in your mind which decides and strains what must not be listened.

Macedonio Melloni was an Italian physicist who stands as an identity for the everlasting trade mark of success. Melloni's reputation as a physicist rests principally on his discoveries in radiant heat, made with the aid of the thermomultiplier, a combination of thermopile and galvanometer.[1] In 1831, soon after the discovery of thermoelectricity by Thomas Johann Seebeck, he and Leopoldo Nobili employed the instrument in experiments especially concerned with characteristics of (in modern language) black body radiation transmitted by various materials.

His notable works for demonstrating that radiant heat has similar physical properties to those of light, fetched him awards and recognition. Taking part in the revolution of 1831, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. (Sources:,,,

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