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April 16: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Most of us have heard about our great leaders from the past and have also felt proud of their achievements, but it is very rare that we look deeper into their lives, learn about the challenges that they had to push themselves through and take back lessons from them. Here we bring to you lessons from different aspects of the lives from 5 great leaders born this day. You might be surprised to read some unknown facts too

1. “Your list of achievements is never pre-defined. It is created by ‘you.’ You can always re-define!”

Nothing is pre-decided. All happens according to the way you live your life. You know what you want in life and you know how you can gain your desires. Your profile can be related to an empty canvas, over which your deeds, action plan and steps may become a way for beautifying this plain canvas into a beautiful painting. Your profile shall be appended with all that you want when equal amount of hard work, dedication and pursuing spirit prevails. Let whatever has to happen, happen in its way. It is you who is supposed to inculcate methodologies and channels to drive yourself towards achieving your passion and desires.

Sir Ove Nyquist Arup, was an English engineer who founded Arup Group Limited, a multinational corporation that offers engineering, design, planning, project management, and consulting services for building systems. He stabilized his hunger to learn more and thus, this simulated his intellectuality. Considered to be one among the foremost architectural structural engineers, he specialized in reinforced concrete. He published a number of papers on shelter policy and designs, mainly advocating reinforced concrete mass shelters and this formed the efficient application to promote his idea.

2. “A deep analysis with and about yourself would open more doors which lead you to victory.”

There are many ways, but most of the time, our fear and worries blindfold our eyes, preventing us from identifying the opened doors. Sometimes, since we are confused about our interest, passion and talent, we may let go of all the opportunities and chances unrecognized. This is where conscious introspection about us would become important. The craziest of the craziest constructive changes start happening when you are open to the world around you and when you accept what comes to you with a positive attitude. Make every minute that you spend with yourself a very productive one. This founds your future and helps you live your life in the way you want.

Joseph-Armand knew what he wanted in life as he understood what he was suited for. Always remember that growth is unlimited. It is just that the system which we live in, has raised a boundary to limit us from doing what we want to. But this wasn’t the case in his life, because he brilliantly took a stand and was very clear about what he was going to do and what he was destined to do. Known for his invention of the snowmobile, the inventor and the businessman founded Bombardier. The fifteen year old created a surprise by starting up a large hand-made propeller. He started as a mechanic by studying engineering in the night and he manufactured his own tools. He stood as role model by building a dam meet his electrical needs.

3. “Let the world’s belief not define what you can or cannot do.”

Always remember that external opinions must no way affect your journey of life. Even if they affect, ensure it does in a positive way. Certain things have to be accepted before changing. only then you shall understand the gravity of things which are supposed to be changed.  When you do something different, when you grow ahead of how much others are, when your thoughts don’t synch with those of the people around you, when you feel your ideas can bring about a change, when your way of living your life is becoming a platform of inspiration for others to learn from, then don’t ever stop. Giving your ears to people’s comments, criticisms and discouragements will surely try to stop your travel along the path leading to your destiny. Planning your destiny alone doesn’t help. It is all about how well you implement your plan by remaining unshaken even after all the negative vibes come across you is what decides your life.

Pierre Jacques Louis Fabre is one among the strongest who strived hard and worked all throughout to establish his dream, desire and creative idea onto the reality. His constant and never ending aspiration to learn from and shape life made him reach heights. The French pharmaceutical, cosmetics executive and pharmacist brilliantly aligned his thoughts by founding Laboratoires Pierre Fabre. Also being the owner of Castres Olympique, a French rugby union club, he worked out by himself and with himself to decide what helps him win.

4. “Knowing life isn’t about just facing challenges in life; it is about how well you’ve analyzed, to win the next phase of your life.”

A lot of people believe that once they face a challenge, they’ve learned what life is all about. The actual learning is when you analyze the problem (irrespective of whether you pass or fail), learn from it and ensure that you utilize the learning in the next phase of your life. All of what you’ve learnt during the course of leading your life helps you reach the end point of this relay to win the race. The most important aspect of winning is all about spending time and investing your skills not to expect, anticipate or predict, but to get hold of the truth on which our life is based on.

Pedro Ramírez Vázquez was a Mexican architect; he profoundly established his way of success. He conquered the ‘no’s’ of the many and moved his in his life. Along with interest in architecture, he focused on design. Believing that practical studies offer you increased level of understanding, he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from UNAM. He was a reason for the construction of some of Mexico's most amazing erections. He became a modern architect with influences from the European modern movement. He used concrete often and hence, the recipient of the National Arts Award designated his style and success formula.

5. “You are not just a traveler in the path that leads to your destiny. You can always be the creator of a new path.”

You are the sole reason for whatever happens in your life. You can plan, decide and alter the map of your journey. Your ultimate destination and path to reach it is both devised by you since you have the potential. The technicalities in it are sure to help us obtain a deeper and clearer understanding about life and every bit of it. Transforming our interest to passion and passion to destination, we are networking with our thoughts to readily analyze and rank our priorities to give importance to the best deserved first.

Anatole France was a French poet, journalist, and novelist who was successful not only in reaching his destination but also in residing in it. sustaining the position you get is something which is a must for everyone to learn. Your proficiency ensures your survival, when you have the at most dedication to win life. The successful novelist, with several best-sellers was looked upon for perfection. He created an iconic chain of letters which ornamented every mind who read it. Winning the Nobel Prize in Literature for his unwavering literary achievements, characterized by nobility of style, the prolific spark of hope graced the world with a positive impact. Member of the Académie française gave his best in exhibiting to the world, his interest in writing which took him high over the elevations.

It’s high time you move out of your comfort zone, work on what helps you uncover your destination; no one can ever stop you from celebrating the true happiness of life, with your consistent efforts. (Sources:,,,

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