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April 17: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

In one or the other way, we all raise appealing attempts to welcome the light of success into our lives. The sincerity in making way for this light to spread our entire life is all about learning from our mistakes and applying the gained knowledge to prove ourselves practically. Now the question of 'how' arises in our minds. Here is the answer!

1. “Negative vibes can essentially be erased when you don’t respond to them.”

It is always good to remember that, ignorance is the best medicine to get rid of everything which do not contribute to your growth but directly take part in putting you down. What is the point in wasting our time and energy towards nurturing unwanted things which happen around? They only get deviated from our journey. Concentrating on anything negative would make us loose our tracks. Let us eliminate every negative impact which happens from every negative approach and vibration by de-rooting the cause which initiates an interaction. How does an interaction or a transaction happen? It is only when both the involved minds equally respond. This is the solution: if you ignore and don’t react much to the junk that comes across your way, then the chances of you diverting from your path are minimized.

Alexander Cartwright Jr proved his hidden winning abilities by concentrating on the pluses. Every idea, quality, mannerism and skill of his which were masked by the negativities, were all uncovered by his ‘never give up’ attitude. He knew how to say ‘no’ and how to ignore. More importantly, he also knew what had to be ignored. Called the "father of baseball,” invested most of his knowledge and energy in inventing baseball. After giving life to this beautiful sport, Cartwright earned recognitions and awards: a pioneering contributor, National Baseball Hall of Fame and more.

2. “The best way to turn “I could have done” to “I have done” is appending a little more determination to what is already in there.”

An ‘extra’ to all what is already there hikes up your way and helps you win what you aim for. Always remember, before you state that you’ve given your 100%, you got to think if you are more capable. If your answer is a yes from your conscience, then never fail to adjoin the phrase ‘a little more,’ to all the efforts you put. Trigger yourself in order to provoke yourself positively. Anytime you get de-motivated, you got to stream the wave of inspiration and motivation from within to proceed in your journey without any look back or delay. Make it a point to accept the statement, ‘we are born to win and all of us are undoubtedly capable of succeeding,’ Gilles Lamontagne lived his life such that the entire world looks upon him and his journey till date to learn how to earn victory. Living long for 97 years, the 24th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec designated his moves by a sense of responsibility and courageously fulfilled every bit of his thought process.  

Serving as a federal cabinet minister, Gilles fetched and used the opportunities to the fullest possible in order to discover his self and uncover his potentialities. As a result of the same, he was soon posted as a Mayor. His consistency further made him get elected as a Liberal MP. Serving as defense minister, he proved that giving a little more that maximum would give you a lot more than what you dream in life.

3. “Rather than looking for someone or something to get rid of problems, discover the tools which you are implicitly blessed, and face them.”

The never ending and everlasting happening which all our lives come across is the stream of problems and challenges. Now give it a thought! Do you really feel that a plain, smooth and planned life would give you experience, courage, knowledge and strength? Would there be any adventure, fun or any scope for improvement in a life which has no struggles in it? Stop worrying and start jotting down the ways to overcome all your problems. Problems are actually our life-illuminators. Adding meaning to the same, Bud Paxson, not giving much importance to his worries, went on to rely on his power of creativity to designate his life with success.

He laid the path for the world to be follow for living a successful life. The radio and TV entrepreneur also contributed towards popularization of home shopping. Paxson founded the Home Shopping Network and PAX TV and was a key reason to revolutionize the worlds of commerce, technology and more. The freelancer in is his own way retrieved the experience of achieving by raising his ideas.

Not limiting his self to one particular idea or business, he joined hands with his business partner and co-founded a Florida cable channel. This company played an active role to help the products sell and reach the viewers in the state. This idea behaved as a leap to his first business idea and hence, he promoted himself after every instant.

4. “Everything in the world has a price. For success, hard work is the price.”

We cannot live without breathing. Similarly, an achiever cannot live without succeeding. It is as simple as that! If your desires seem important to you, then you got to breath in ways which make you get them. The aspiration to experience the true joy and the ultimate hunger to designate your success, keeps your spirit on! Ensure every move of yours takes you a step closer towards deserving your desires. Not all of us feel the essence of hard work, but when felt, you would definitely realize the beauty that following an achiever’s path has in it.

J. P. Morgan’s was one such brilliant mind that strived to succeed. Eventually, his lived only to succeed and hence the American financier and banker was a reason to make dominant contributions to corporate finance and industrial consolidation in late 19th and early 20th Century United States. His prolific ideas took form as a result of a detailed and close analysis of problems and his intention to solve these problems gave rise to wonderful, change-driving developments. Morgan, with the help of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company, formed General Electric. His actively co-founded J.P.Morgan and Co, a banking firm which added more to his profile and this also became a cause for many others to roar success.

5. “After all the hard work and dedicated flawless efforts you bring out, the secret to succeed lies in how intensely you believe in yourself.”

Nothing can happen unless you believe that it will. Trusting your potent abilities shall create wonders beyond imagination. Things just don’t happen on their own. They are supposed to be given life by taking steps which make it happen. Every step you take, when filled with faith and hope, directly founds developments. Change that you want to see must first be brought by you. This happens only when you really have faith in yourself and in the deed which you want to raise. The humble attitude and true satisfaction lies in establishing the change. As a difference maker, Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, a German botanist singed every growth of his by believing in it and loving it.

The explorer’s life clearly depicts that faith and trust directly destines new hope and this ray of hope helps you attain the peak of success. The intellect published a critical catalogue of plants to complete his Ph.D. and then, he continued to devote himself to botanical study, he craved to launch his identity as a channel for the world to achieve what it wanted to. Hence, his sincerity, dedication and proficiency were is companions all throughout his journey. Keeper of the botanic garden at Munich, travelled all around the world to learn and explore. Serving as a professor of botany, he dedicated his complete attention to nurture, learn and find solutions for the flora of Brazil. One of the snake specie, Hydrops martii, is named in his honor.

The most common reason why most of us hesitate to exhibit our skills and talents is because of the fear which we have and the lack of access to the success formulae and lessons. We believe that this inspiring write-up has answered all those queries in your mind. We wish to witness a day where your story shall stand as an aspiration for those seeking keys to succeed. (Sources:,,,,

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