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April 18: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Dreams act as pills for you to motivate yourself and come up with things which are considered unique, great and impossible by the world. You got to make each of your dreams touch the reality, which shouldn’t just be your goal but a responsibility too. Here is something more which can guide you in this aspect. Go ahead and learn from it!

1. “Life is fun not when there are zero sufferings, but when you actually overcome every one of them.”

Focusing on ways to solve the existing problem rather than worrying about the hurdle which you are left with, shall help you in sustain and survive all throughout your journey. You can enjoy a smooth and a plain life but you will enjoy more if you have something to do in your life. This includes all that which gives your life, a different form that brings out your uniqueness out into this world. Serving this huge purpose of creating answers to all the problems and difficulties, William Debenham looked at hurdles and challenges as an idea and a platform to mold his professional life. His progress was hidden in the foundation of Debenhams, one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom.

Revitalizing the charm of the business world, he cultivated his own style of portraying thoughts into actions. He started by joining a draper’s store as a partner who worked for and managed it. He brought out crazy ways to not just expand his business but to give it a pride of owning the top position in the retail market worldwide. His affirmed decision to make his venture witness success at every point contributed it all to achieve the same.

2. “Every time you feel low, remember the first dream you took while you started.”

The unwavering and constant effort to achieve what you want helps you not just win but also inspire every soul which has the hunger to achieve. We all tend to slow down at times and may also decrease our quality of efforts during the course of our journey. But, you got to motivate yourself all by your own. Don’t always depend on external sources or aids to keep you on all the time. If you dream to inspire the world, then what is the point in you waiting for an explicit method to cheer you up? The only way to keep your life refreshed and nourished is by inducing packets of absolute energy into every move you make towards your dream. A tireless service definitely pays you what you deserve. Walking towards achieving the same, George Herbert Hitchings  described the ideal way as to how life has to be led.

The American doctor never slowed down at any point of his life. He casted an everlasting mark on his life which left a life-changing impact in the lives of many. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awardee specialized his work on chemotherapy. With all the positive approaches he used and affirmations he made, he motivated himself to continue his action plan throughout his journey of life. it is during the times of depressions, discouragements that your willpower comes into the scene. But believe it, his aspiration for contentment always refrained him from stopping but pushed him to achieve.

3. “You are the only one to get the best solution for every hurdle you face. Because, only YOU know what exactly you are going through.”

The whole system of life is so amazing. You have been given the ultimate power to monitor your life and put it to right track whenever it deviates. The supremacy has nothing to do with dominations and suppressions. It is all about how well you understand yourself to crazily make your dreams come true. The madness you have in sweeping away all the hindrances, helps you reach any extent and sustain the reach irrespective of whatever happens. There may be any number of aids, helping hands and solving formulae which take your life forward. But, the terms, ‘exactness’ and ‘appropriations’ are best met only when you devise a remedy for what you go through. Jan Kaplický  didn’t just stop after solving his problems alone. He extended his problem solving skills to design and impart innovative touch up to reform the entire world.

The world-renowned Neofuturistic Czech architect employed his empowering ideologies and creative knowledge to grow professionally. It was he who was behind the design of Future Systems. The prolific architect invested his remarkable and inspiring fire of passion to form his signature for designing multiple erections. His solutions were a combination of technology and imaginations towards environment.

4. “Anything can become a guideline for you to learn from. You only got to recognize it.”

It is your perception that matters! Anything can impact your ‘open to everything’ mind. All our hearts are indeed blank without any expectations, but they eagerly look forward to fetch something which leaves an impact on them. Everything happens for a reason and at same time, the fact that deriving a lesson and implementing it would take you towards success, cannot be denied. When the world has a lot to offer and when your life has loads to receive from it, you are sure to gain positivity and let it flow in your actions by developing a skill to take constructive lessons even from a negative thing. What and how you look at life is something that reflects the place which you are given in it.

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes derived something positive from everything. Evil practices which prevailed in the society never stopped him introducing his style of spreading optimism. Marking a full stop to slavery from freeing all the slaves and declaring Cuban independence, he made his story appear in this article today to induce a sense of courage and motivation in the minds of the millions. The Cuban planter discovered what he was born for and constantly worked for it and towards it. He bombarded his responsibility into a weapon to clean the world and embed purity of prosperity into it. Cuban revolutionary hero initiated revolutionary movement and took progressive steps like writing poems, practicing law in order to take his struggle for freedom forward.

5. “Blending your passion with courage enables the fragrance of ‘victory’ in your life.”

Think about how passion encourages you to achieve. After identifying what your passion is, converting it into dynamically exercising courage helps you not just achieve what you want to but also facilitates ways to keep up what you’ve achieved. The impactful thoughts which you raise in your mind act as a nursery for the seedling of effort and attempt to grow into a tall tree of victory. Is there a place where there is no struggle? Similarly, there is no life which is devoid of ways to sweep away the challenges. Every action plan which you create to modify and simulate your actual plan of life reflects the good and change present in your life. It is the flavored blend of both, the urge and strength that make successful things happen in this world. Sam Crawford realized this fact and gave his fullest power to mold and shape his dreams. Unlike materialistic passions which commonly dwell in most of us, achieving his dreams was in itself his passion.

The Major League Baseball outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. His never ending tribute to the game of ‘baseball’ held him high through not just his records and awards like, the second best all-time record for most inside-the-park home, first player to lead both American League and the National League and more, but also by his imprinted inerasable path that he took. This path, when followed, allows most beginners to gain what they want to.  

The very first step for you to succeed is to tell yourself your interests, dreams and goals. Unless you spend time with yourself, you will not be able to understand your own self. We believe that when you read and learned about the history which is made up of bright, lighting and thundering personalities, you shall certainly analyze and dedicate your life towards serving its purpose. (Sources:,,,,,

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