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April 20: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Here is a treat of words for all those who want to achieve but are unable to do so or are having hurdles to move ahead due to lack of guidance. Read through the journey of each of the personages to make place in the hearts of many, to fit in yours for the world to learn from.

1. “Choose to understand beyond what you just see.”

Life is not just what you’ve thought or witnessed; there’s lot more in it. The worldly aspect of life helps you obtain an idea of the superficial reality. The secret behind making our stay on this planet, a success is to look ahead of the difficulties, disabilities and learn ways to turn them all into formulae to attain the peak of success. No one is perfect and neither can they become one day. Life is all about making it better day after day for the world to remember us for eras together for the kind of life we lead. True success is when we remain alive in the hearts of people by breathing our achievements, contributions and service. All you need is a little wisdom to look at our flaws and fight to correct them in the best possible way in order to walk towards perfection.

Siegmund Lubin never stopped his marathon for winning just because imperfection shared a bit of its place in his room of characteristics. Flaws never mattered to him. Ensure that our steps and flaws have nothing to do with each other. Considering his imperfections to be a platform to demonstrate how perfection has to be, he overcame hurdles which always masked the way towards success. The German-American motion picture pioneer founded the Lubin Manufacturing Company. He soon progressed into creating his own camera and projector which further captured and projected the consequence of bliss into his life. He shined like a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the motion picture industry.

2. “It is easy to not make commitments and it definitely costs a lot to keep up the already committed words but it is worth making the commitment when you fulfill it.”

It is hard to promise. It is harder to meet the promise. What do you want to do? Don’t you want to grow tall by taking risks, fulfilling your commitments, putting your heart to add meaning to all the assurances which you’ve given and proving yourself by making your trusted ones happy? Or do you want to drain out meaning from your life by forgetting your responsibilities and ease your life by breaking the promises which you had made? Choice is all yours!

Life is beyond the way which we are leading it. It is not limited to only what we see. The purity and peace is hidden in the womb of self-satisfaction. You got to invent the contentment which you always crave for. ‘How’ may be a question; the solution is in authenticating your duties, proving your true devotion and dedication and serve what you must, unconditionally. The life of Alan Arnett McLeod  stands as an example forever for the kind of passion and dedication he showed for his nation. The pilot in the Royal Air Force during the World War 1 is remembered because he never ran away from responsibilities. He knew that it was his actions which had to serve the society which trusted him. The Victoria Cross winner stuck to the strong decision of fulfilling his duties even if a river of obstacles flowed towards him. This is when one can own the real contented life.  

3. “Let your today be grander than your yesterday.”

Life is all about becoming a better version of yourself. You will find happiness when you are one step near to the jar of overflowing goodness. How you reach there is all in your own hands. You got to figure out what made your yesterday go in the way it went. You got to identify the flaws it had and the lessons it taught you. Now the secret to success lies in following the lesson in order to transform them into learnings. Give it all the importance to shape your life. Form a track which records all of what has to be added to your today in order to better it than your yesterday. Introspect to understand what is going wrong and where exactly the solution lies. You are the supreme master of yourself.

Mother Mary Angelica never failed to turn back from her position to see what made her reach that position. She also focused on how she could better her next day by keenly analyzing the additions and deletions which she had to make. Learning that betterment is the real basic goal of every individual, she appended her ideologies with efforts to bring goodness into light. Known for her television personality, she founded the internationally broadcast cable television network Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) and the radio network WEWN. She loved and became close to god-the almighty, when her mother, who suffered for long days but woke up with no pain and lump in the abdominal. She further devoted herself to Jesus Christ and focused on what more could be done to add the ‘extra’ into her life.

4. “Never feel scared of committing mistakes because, you are in turn welcoming life lessons which decorate your personality.”

You got to master the art of learning from your past- good or bad. See how you can better by looking at the goodness-filled moments from your past. Learn as much as possible from the mistakes which you've made in your life. Your life turns out to be an example if you walk towards perfection by mining the lessons hidden in the mistakes from your past. Each one of us go wrong in some or the way. Some of us even repeat our mistakes at times. There is no wrong in committing mistakes but it is surely wrong if you take the forgiveness which you’ve received, for granted. Never move on in life without reporting the wrongs which happened that day to your inner conscience. Above all, remember only you got to help yourself.

Daniel Chester French is looked upon today because he is considered great. What made him great? It is the little different attitude of making mistakes as a guide, and learning from them constantly. He knew that, life in itself is a very big university which provides us thunderously loud and precise teachings. He stood out because he never felt shy in converting is mistakes into teachers to welcome a grand success into his life. The prolific American sculptor designed the statue of Abraham Lincoln and served as a founding member of the National Sculpture Society,

5. “Diamonds never stop shining even if they are buried underground. So are you! Always remember that you too are a diamond; an obstacle shouldn't stop you from achieving!”

Yes! Diamonds shine anywhere and all the time because their nature is to sparkle. They are born to shine. Achievers are no different from diamonds. In fact, they are living diamonds who never stop . Achievers never stop to bring victories into their life just because hurdles come in, disturbances and deviations happen or because obstacles hold them back. When an achiever’s nature and job is to achieve, how can anything stop him or her from doing it? Does the sun stop spreading its rays just because clouds surround it and suffocate its light? Definitely not! The world continues its routines irrespective of all the problems that occur.

Heinrich Göbel,’s life was no different. Precision mechanic and inventor never stopped because of his poor school grades or because his inventions didn’t get the right acclamation. He still continued as he knew that his routine was to come up with new ideas and implement them to succeed. Remember, if he had stopped that day, he wouldn’t have appeared here for the world to learn from his journey. He developed incandescent bulbs and stood as its true inventor even when the whole world criticized him.

He started as a mechanic and spent most time in repairing not just the automobiles but also his mindset. He constructed telescope to overcome his financial challenges. Reason may be anything but he used his calibre to face all that came into his life.   Stop worrying about what you don’t have. Start utilizing what you’ve got in the best possible ways. All the realizations, lessons and introductions of so many facts which you’ve got by this wonderful read is sure to contribute considerably to your growth. So wake up and start NOW!


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