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April 21: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Here are some of the best lessons from those great leaders from our history, who have been the reason to contribute greatly to the world, in various aspects, fearlessly facing every challenge that came their way, repeatedly proving themselves to be the best of best through every action and leaving an unforgettable legacy.

1. “You can always enjoy but when you earn every minute of the enjoyment, that is true satisfaction.”

Hard work never fails; it indeed pays you more than what you expect and even more than what you deserve. All of us wish to achieve. We crave for fulfilling our dreams. But, does success reach us just like that all by itself? We got to earn it. Ask yourself about what you’ve done to welcome the grand dream-life of yours. Remember, every good work will be rewarded. The life of John Muir introduced a success formula which is - work hard to welcome success which fetches your eligibility to live a lavish life. This formula certainly helps the world to enrich their lavishness in terms of contentment, values and satisfaction.

Known as "John of the Mountains", the American naturalist was also an author, environmental philosopher, glaciologist and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the United States. He bombarded the flavor for prettifying the world through his letters, essays, and books. All of them described the adventures hidden in nature. He rigorously broadened his spectrum of ideas through his activism to preserve nature- both flora and fauna. Pouring out sweat and putting forth effective efforts, he increased the richness of earth which in turn became a reason to increase the beauty of his personality.

2. “Yesterday’s newspaper doesn’t create any excitement today. But tomorrow’s is always awaited. It’s not just about what you achieved yesterday, but about how better you are today.”

You might be an achiever and success might have completely embraced you. You might have got immersed deep into the pool of endorsements and you might have a shelf full of awards for all the good work that you’ve done. But what matters is the answers to the questions- are you continuing to win? And how many additions has that shelf seen today? Don’t forget that your achievement is like a fresh news. It scrolls for a very short period of time and the world forgets as other news is placed on top of the scroll-board. So, if you want to shine and constantly own the place under the limelight, then you got to update the world with your achievements and milestones. Fill your tomorrow with what you want.   

Angelo Savoldi (Mario Louis Fornini, Sr.) ensured that he maintained consistency and continued to win at all that he undertook. He didn’t just win recognition but the hearts of people. The American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter was determined to keep up his winner’s position throughout his life. Focusing on ways which bettered his professional life, he reached the peak of his career. Becoming a star in his region as a junior heavyweight, he held the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship three times. Having started wrestling right from school days, he went forward to make it an integral part of his life.   

3. “Every time you do something, do it with as much enthusiasm and passion you had, for the first time.”

Do it with the same innocence! When things become your routine, it is natural that we get bored but you can definitely find new ways to chase the boredom away; see what new can be learnt from what you’ve been doing and see how you can make it better. Employ your creativity to bring out different ways to perform the same thing differently. A topper may score the highest marks by studying at the last minute; at the same time, an average student can also top if he/she starts early and ends up with a few revisions. That's the difference! No matter how good you are at a particular job and from how many long years you’ve been giving your best at the task, there is always room for improvement and there's always something new you can learn.  

Defining the same, Prof Paul Karrer  never gave up. He never stopped his efforts to achieve what he wanted to. The Swiss organic chemist was known for his research on vitamins and won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Discovering the truth is not an easy process. Tons of wisdom could also be not enough to utilize our inherent potential and knowledge. Karrer was a reason for the foundation of the correct constitutional formula for beta-carotene. Researching to rediscover the facts definitely reaches you only when you feel that you are doing it for the first time without expecting anything, but with the highest enthusiasm and energy.

4. “Mastering skills is not easy but you can catch hold of this art easily if you repeatedly do your part in getting better at the skill.”

Perfect practice makes man more perfect! We all are aware of this fact which leads us to perfection. Never feel hurt when you don’t learn things immediately. Not all of us are quick learners and neither are we slow at learning all things too. It is just that we need time to grasp the fundamentals and understand the concept behind what we got to learn. Specializing at your job is not something to be done by staying within your comfort zone. Bettering your life starts at the end of your easy life. You would’ve noticed that doing a particular task again and again may not have really fetched you improvement. Now analyze the way you’ve done it; have you consciously put in all the lessons after each attempt in every next attempt of yours? If you are missing out on transforming your mistakes into learnings, then how can you expect better results?

Striving to be the best, Fredrik Bajer  decorated his way of working with utmost love and passion to deserve all that he desired. The Danish writer, teacher and pacifist politician served as an officer in the Danish army. As a receipt to his admiring performance and scholastic exhibition of skills, he was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant. He held a distinguished status in every stream he worked in. Encouraging and advocating peace, he offered his support to many pace organizations and helped establish purity and prosperity in the world.

5. “There always comes a shiny bright day after every long dark night.”

Nothing is permanent! Clouds must pour heavy rains after absorbing the water from river bodies in the form of evaporation. And then comes the heavy monsoons which pour down all the absorbed water, compensating the loss of every water drop. Hence, it is obvious that our challenging times will also get illuminated by the light of success that guides us. Is there any living organism which doesn’t have hurdles to face? Every time you face a problem, remind yourself that these problems are only there to prepare you to receive the reward that is specially made for you. Not even a bit of your hard work goes waste; each bit of it is paid off eventually. It is our responsibility to build hope as we all know that days roll and situations change, and everything happens for a reason.

Max Weber patiently let his life unfold. He believed in nature and looked for what it had got to offer him. The German sociologist, philosopher, jurist, political economist shaped the floor social theory and social research. He profoundly influenced the thesis combining economic sociology and the sociology of religion. The characteristic property of his intellectuality helped him fix positivism. He was instrumental in the stagnating goodness among the minds of people. He participated widely in a lot of ways just to empower the society and add righteousness to the world.

Never feel too low when you make a mistake and never feel too high when you are appreciated. Treat both the extremes equally to welcome and witness constant growth. More than all the dreams you dream and goals you set, accepting the reality and living with it plays a major role. We wish you a wonderful start to your long journey ahead. (Source:

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