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4 Marketing Tips for New Businesses

Marketing tips are in abundance but each visit to each of them enhances your business results. Here are 4 of them that are sure to turn around the game for quite a while and to quite an extent. Read ON!
Marketing Tips Marketing trends can change like the wind, leaving many existing companies nervous about being out of touch, and new companies overwhelmed by what they need to do to start on the right foot. While things may change, there are certain areas you can check off your list right away. Here are four marketing tips for new businesses that cannot fail.

Go Mobile

More and more businesses are focusing their marketing efforts towards mobile. The majority of people purchase goods online, use social media apps for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and can take better pictures and videos via their smartphones than most people can with a camera.
This means that your marketing should be geared towards mobile, whether that means creating an app for your business, or just by being aware that, according to comScore, mobile now represents 7 out of every 10 digital media minutes.

Show a personal side

Storytelling in the past was not something that companies thought about. It was more about what they sold and how well they did something. In the modern digital age, that simply isn’t enough, and storytelling has now become a huge part of many companies marketing plans. Showing a personal side can word wonders for your company. Showing a personal side is a powerful tactic for brand awareness and building relationships with influencers. You can find out more here about the steps to take moving forward with your video marketing strategy.

This can come in the form of a YouTube channel, which would be where all of your marketing videos would live. This is particularly great if you create advertisements for your products and services or by taking advantage of the ‘stories’ options on Instagram, Facebook Live and YouTube Reels. All three of these options allow you to tell stories via live video streams, which is perfect for filming events, making vlogs or creating a podcast for your business.
You can also use these methods to help your customers and/or clients get to know you. For example, if you went out for the day, you could use Instagram stories as a way to document it. So if you found yourself in a Pittsburgh Escape Room, you could be uploading video content from the day to show people that you’re a business that knows how to have fun and reward its employees.
Getting a balance in the workplace is essential, and letting your team blow off steam will speak volumes in terms of showing your appreciation for employees’ hard work. Use marketing strategies to showcase events such as this and see an interest in your company grow.

Sell Online

The retail industry has been on unsteady legs in the event of the 2008 financial crash, with any stores closing due to a lack of financial stability and the rise of the online store. If your business is selling anything, moving it online is your safest bet for staying viable in 2018 and beyond.
More and more businesses are taking the e-commerce approach to business, and it is paying off, but you have to make sure that your website looks the part and functions easily, or customers will be put off and look elsewhere. According to the KPMG Global Survey, 71% of consumers make their purchase within a week of awareness or desire, which shows that the window of opportunity to make a sale is very small if your online business isn’t up to scratch.

Care About Something

As much as it pays to be the best at something, it can really help the reputation of your business and give your marketing a boost if you give something back. Charitable donations, fundraisers, philanthropy and sponsorship - particularly for causes that are close to your heart for whatever reason, shows that there is a beating heart behind the corporate logo, the sales patter, and the offices.
There are a host of ways you can get involved with charitable causes, and you can guarantee that the majority of your employees will be right there offering their support.

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