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5 Ways to Increase Business Data Security That Can Relieve Entrepreneurs Of Anxiety Over Data

Data security becomes the most vital priority for most entrepreneurs in today's internet technology world that is producing, procuring and sourcing data every single day. Here are some tips that can help entrepreneurs build better security for their data. #InspirationThroughInformation #DigiWise
Looking for more effective ways to increase business data security is something that every entrepreneur has to do.

You need to stay on alert for new developments in this field and always implement the latest solutions as well as update your current ones. Hackers are the most progressive techno group out there, so only forethought and dedication will protect you, your business, and your customers’ personal data from them.
Increase Business Data Security Here are 5 Ways to Increase Business Data Security Right Away

Get your systems tested by several experts

No matter the size of your business, you should invest into having your data security systems inspected by at least two professionals. This requirement is valid even for companies that have their own IT experts or teams.

No person is perfect, so having different people inspect your defenses will help you identify any weaknesses in them. Remember, 43% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses. This means that such an investment is a necessity.

Move your website to a better host

The majority of small businesses use shared hosting because this is the most cost-efficient option for them. However, this choice leaves you exposed to an attack. Even if your own website is secure, you can’t be 100% sure that your ‘neighbors’ are as dedicated to their data safety. And if malware gets into a server, everyone suffers equally.

The best solution to this problem is to move your website to a reliable small business hosting. You can find these services by studying reviews and the security measures implemented by the host.

Implement Privacy by Design

Proactive and preventative approach to data security, setting high privacy standards as the default, and ‘lifecycle protection’ are only the few basic principles of Privacy by Design. Implementing this policy is essential if you want to increase business data security in 2018.

Increase Business Data Security Using this comprehensive approach as a guide when developing or upgrading your own cybersecurity system will help you close any loopholes that hackers might use to get in. If you employ the services of an IT company to develop your security, be sure to find out if they use these principles.

Educate your employees and customers

In 2017 worldwide spendings on cybersecurity reached $86.4 billion and they are expected to climb to $1 trillion by 2021. Considering that cybercrime damages are expected to reach $6 trillion by that time, investing in extra security is money well-spent. However, it can be a waste if you don’t teach your employees and customers how to use all the fancy cybersecurity measures you install.

Not only should you educate them on the correct way to fill out forms, handle passwords, etc. you also need to explain what the most common risks are and how your solutions help keep them and the important data safe. Every individual needs to understand their role in the process of increasing business data security.

For customers, you can provide detailed instructions with references on the relevant pages. For your employees, you should prepare a course or a manual they can consult anytime to make sure they do everything right.

Include the information about your top-quality cybersecurity measures into your marketing campaign. It’s sure to draw in some prospective customers from the people who want to be sure their interactions with businesses are 100% safe.

Keep access to sensitive data restricted

Only your most trusted employees who must have access to sensitive data to do their job should be trusted with an access to it. Even then you should be picky and offer limited access only if their job parameters don’t require full access. 
Be sure to screen your employees and prospective employees with extreme care. Do the same for hosting companies and IT services that will gain access to some of your sensitive data.

Do you run an enterprise or know a friend who does, share it with him/her. This would surely help them build a safer enterprise for their vision and people.

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