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Lyrical Conversations: On somethin' age old as Time!

Lyrical Conversations invite you to get poetic and contribute continuing lines in the comments and build the script unknown. #GetLyricalGetPoetic
Days roll into weeks,
The weeks become years
The years decades
Until our time arrives...

Of what importance is time to thee?
How would you live if you knew
of the times to be?
How long do you think we have
And do you think it is time enough?

Time is of essence,
Which is why we should value
a person's mere presence,
We should hope that happiness
will last,
But alas! The clock ticks and our
joy becomes a pawn of the past

Lyrical Conversations

Of lands afar filled with fun and
A land of health where not a soul
is sick,
A paradise right here, if I may,
I wish comes to light during my day!

I most definitely agree,
I would settle for reality rather than
stay in my dreams and pay the fee,
Adventurous escapades and fun throughout,
I would trade them for reality without doubt

Happiness lasts if we're willing to go all
the way
Most of us cannot joyfully cough up the
price we need to pay
A few steps on and a heavy work day
makes us simple want to stay,
To push beyond limits a little everyday
can make this dream real someday!

The time has come near,
I've held onto my habits for so
long I've become sneer,
I must let go and be free,
Otherwise I will be stuck in the vast, atrocious sea

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