Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.


True Wisdom & Real Pleasures

Poetry inspires lyrical conversations and this is one such. Read ON!
Be happy – you look beautiful

Be vivacious – open the opportunities

Be cheerful – everyone is smiling

Be contented – you get really more

Be elated – feel the ecstasy within

Be yourself – the unique inside you

Lyrical Conversations
This is one life – why regret

There is only one chance – make it the best

This is the start – and this is the finish

No scope for recast – just do it the best

Every moment – your treasure

Keep counting – only moments

Use the moments – earn your breath

Between breaths – discover the life

Keep learning – and it’s the true purpose

Why to shout – when you can be sweet

Why to show off – when you value everything

Why to fight – win by love

Why to squabble – listen with care

Why to argue – win hearts

Why to challenge – collaborate instead

Why to smother – speak out your heart 
Why to climb alone – take me in your journeyIf you have a few poetic lines in response to this poetry, put them in the comments below for the poet to read and revert. We look forward to building lyrical conversations.

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