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Wish of a Little Angel

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Dont Judge me - Leave me and let me fly
I am the precious stone unnoticed
I am the beautiful storm unmenifest
I am the strongest giant unborn
I am the swiftest fly unprepared
I am the fragrant flower in the bud
I am - what I wanted
I will be - what I decide
Help me - if you can
Ignore me - if you cant
Support me - if you can
Wish OF A little Angel
Leave me - if you cant
I can kindle hopes for the future
but I cant fight my own shadow
I have a Himalay hidden inside me
but need a compass to search it
I reflect all the colours of rainbow
But Dont Colour me with your paint
Enable me and admire me
But Dont change me to your shape
I am not what you are searching
But I am What you need
If you still find fault in me
Add my shade in your likings
Only I have the surprises for you
Just smile and waive your hand
Let me explode

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