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How Technology Has Changed Our Life

Technology has certainly changed our lives in many many ways. While change is always for the good and it's the only constant here's a quick look at how technology has certainly had a deep impact on many spheres of our lives and changed things forever. Read ON!

Dubious Impact of Technology

Personally for me, the technology serves as a powerful source of productivity, inspiration, and comfort for me, making communication, traveling, work, and studies more effective and productive. Moreover, almost all industries and all spheres of life have been significantly affected by technology, and this point is reinforced by numerous science essays. However, we cannot imagine our life with a wide range of diverse modern gadgets but, at the same time, we do not even realize if we need all of them.

The Main Areas of Transformation

Technology has changed the ways people spend their time at work, at home, or anywhere else. When they read, listen to music, run, or walk, they make it with some gadgets that help them to relax and do many other things at the same time.

For example, while running outside, people can listen to various podcasts, different radio programs, or they can turn on their favorite music wherever they are. Thanks to internet technologies, it is easy to find the music you like and enjoy it almost in any location of the world. If I want to watch some movie, I can go to the nearest cinema and enjoy the 3D experience or choose watching films online at home, etc. People can even sit and take help to write a speech online for their upcoming presentations, meetings and seminars.

Changes in Habits and Lifestyle

The technology has significantly changed people's life at home. Thanks to numerous useful devices, such as microwave ovens, toasters, air conditioners, humidifiers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, electric water boilers, popcorn makers, kettles, or dishwashers, a wide range of processes people have to do at home became easier. A lot of steps today are taken automatically by various machines. Now, it seems almost fantastic to know that people could live without electricity internet, hot water, or gas at home because all aspects of modern life are connected to all these appliances and resources.

Nowadays, every person starts his or her day with the help of electronic alarms or the applications on their smartphones. Then, all people want to make some coffee, and a coffee machine prepares a good one for them. If they want something to drink, there are also other devices available, including juice or smoothie makers. When people need to take a shower, hot water is available everywhere. If I want to check some morning news, all I have to do is to turn on the radio or television. If I need some inspiration or some new ideas, I only have to enter a search query in Google. I can also check my smartphone where all important information or photos can be easily found thanks to Facebook or other websites. Anytime I can surf the web and find anything I want, be it the history of photo editing or some recipes. 

Transformed Communication

One more sphere of life seriously affected by technology is communication. The ways people communicate, share information, Impact of technology and keep in touch, have been significantly transformed. One of the first important steps that made communication easier many years ago was the introduction of the telephone. People finally could reach any person they needed and hear their voice. However, with the inception of the Internet, the revolution in this sphere became real. Nowadays, users all over the world can share pictures, videos, and wearing messages with millions of others in any location of the globe. Now, people are connected with their friends, coworkers, and relatives 24/7 thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, or other social networks and applications.

Nevertheless, it would not be fair to state that such transformation in the sphere of communication only made everything better. Checking all those posts can make people jealous of something they do not have. Besides, many of my friends become too obsessed with their image in the social media, and they start posting too many pictures or information about themselves online. I think that adding too many photos and messaging very often can be annoying. It can encourage others to write offensive comments, leading to conflicts with no reason. At the same time, personal data they publish can be used for some fraudulent activities when it comes to credit card numbers or other details.

Health Impact

Being surrounded by all those devices is dangerous for health. For example, starting at our mobile phones all the time or working on the computers without stopping can lead to serious eyesight issues. Besides, listing music too loudly and wearing headphones for many hours can even cause hearing loss and hearing problems.

In addition to that, many people become overweight because they simply prefer not to move off their screens, whether it is TV or computer, instead of doing something outside their place. They do not want to look for inspiration somewhere outside of their room. Keeping fit became less popular because many workers do not even need to leave their houses to perform their duties because all their tasks can be done online.

The Perception of Reality

Impact of technology The devices are always in our hands or nearby our bodies, and people forget to live in real time. Now, it is quite hard for us to imagine going on vacation without a smartphone because we want to listen to our music, read our newsfeeds, chat with our friends. Also, we feel the need to surf online looking for some inspiration and motivation all the time.
It is also difficult for us to leave our laptops because we are always connected to our work or studies, willing to check the latest updates or reply on some emails, even if most of them are not urgent.

This is how wi-fi connection became a must in all hotels or restaurants all over the world. Some years ago, television was creating the same situation. All people wanted to do was to turn on the TV and watch some movies or news instated of walking outside, even if they came to the most beautiful city in the world.

 All in all, it is true that technology makes the life of people easier in many ways. However, sometimes, it is hard to understand if we actually need all the devices we are surrounded by every day and whether all of them make our days more pleasant. To conclude, the technology serves as a great source of inspiration, relaxation, and efficiency, but there are also some negative outcomes of its influence.

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