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Online Casino And Gaming risks are being tackled by the Green Gaming Predictive Tool

With rising growth come risks that need to be taken care, dealt with and handled for better experience of a community in any sector and so is the case with online casino, gaming and gambling sector. This tool here is going green for better gaming experience. Read ON!
Since the first online casino platform InterCasino was ever launched in Antigua in 1996 there has been great advancement in this industry to date. In brief history of time this industry has grown leaps and bounds and seen all phases through to fruition and trust from consumers and players. While a lot of nations have approval for this industry there are few that still ban this due to lack of strict regulations and ability to safeguard user rights and information.

Online gaming risks As in 2019, the industry is house to 1000s of online casino platforms and million of players worldwide who are able to access and use them. The revenues have grown beyond $50Bn for 2018-19, according to online gambling statistics. With such high involvement of money, players and time the industry needs higher and higher regulations to prevent frauds, thefts, cyber crimes and individual risks to users.

One of the major risks that users of this industry are prone to is Addiction to online gambling. Like any other addictive online game, online gambling is addictive too. Given the range of games and diversity of players to play with from across the globe along with the ease of access via mobile devices with internet connection users are prone to get addicted. While gaming addiction has few hazards psychological, physical, financial and emotional, online gambling can involve serious crisis possibilities if not guarded and watched.

Since the players can log on at any point of time and with basic approval of payment methods, be able to use real money, they are open for risks of major financial losses without realizing. Though online gaming promises to reward better than offline gaming, the odds are still high for losses due to addictive playing. The hope of winning more in the next game or recovering losses in few games more is always the cornerstone to keep drawing the players back to the game.

Great marketing methods, app notifications, points to lure, higher rewards possibilities are enough to keep a player coming back and lose track of total money gambled. Keeping this behavior in mind Sustainable Interaction, self help behavior tools company from Sweden, partnered with, an online casino by Mr Green Group, to develop a predictive green gambling tool that prevents risk zone gaming for users to avoid high losses and uncontrolled gambling.

The tool tries to understand the spend limits, amount of time spent, the kind of games played, the understanding of the risk by the user and more to give better insightful gaming experience. This is just the beginning of what might bring a deal of attention to safeguard the interests of millions of players who access online casino and gambling sites regularly. While, there are security software companies already offering software to help one monitor and maintain limits on time, money and other behaviors on online gaming sites, this predictive tool for green gaming seems to have gone one step beyond to create an air of industry leadership.

Beside the risk of addiction there are many other risks of cyber security threats, content spamming, data theft, manipulation of codes for polarized results in games with false promises of rewards and grey areas of ownership of such platforms and non-disbursement of prize/reward money. There are other possible threats and challenges that we might have missed here, but despite all of that, this industry has moved ahead with steady pace pulling all of technology together and enhanced the online gaming experience to match the thrill of offline casinos. This is certainly inspiring and worth a deeper study over time. In fact you might want to take a quick look at some inspiring quotes for online casino players. Have you ever played on any of the online casino platforms? How was your experience?

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