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Ms Aalisha Bafna (Gudiya) Shares Her Story of Creative Exploration and Personal Glory. An India Book of Records Record Holder Miniature Artist From Beawar.

Being from a small town in Rajasthan Aalisha could have easily been someone like many other Indian girls to take on the traditional route of life - education, marriage and traditional mid-life but she gave herself the wings she needed early on and got involved with the right people at the right time. Her life speaks of starting early to get far. Read ON!
Aalisha Jain Gudiya
1. Could you tell us in brief about yourself?
This is Aalisha, popularly known as Gudiya in my circles. I’m from a middle-class Jain Family. I am from Beawar, Rajasthan.

In my Family, I have Mom, Dad, elder brother - sister in law and younger brother. I love giving gifts

2. How were your early childhood days?

I have a very sincere and serious nature from childhood. I dint like to play much, I have always been creative since childhood, like I used to make greetings for my teachers, always thought to create something unique and different but dint find any proper way.

3. Who has been your inspiration since your childhood?

I found my Inspiration in Feb 2009 in Bangalore and that is Sujit Ji Lalwani. I was highly inspired and impressed when I heard his voice for the first time. And then I heard 1st speech of him and then continued listening to his speeches on YouTube. And since Feb 2009 to forever he is my Role model and Inspiration.

4. Could you mention the lessons that you learned in your childhood that have stayed with you throughout?

Fight for Right. Be Brave. Be Independent. Be Creative. Be Fearless. Be Bold. Never hesitate to tell the Truth.

Aalisha Jain Gudiya 5. Being from Beawar, a small town in Rajasthan, India, what inspired you to believe that you could create a difference globally through your Talents?

I was just 11 when I went to the 15 days residential religious camp in Chennai in the presence of holy guru Acharya Shri Parshvachandra Ji Maharaj, Dr. Shri Padamchandra Ji Maharaj. After attending the camp, I refused to go back to home because I liked that peaceful environment. And I did quit my studies and stayed there with Jain Nuns. I was with them for 11 and a half years. Completed my master level studies in correspondence. In these 11 and half years, I visited Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and many various states in India and because of that, I experienced different cultures, have been in contact with ministers and celebrities. And with all these experience I realized that the main part of being inspired and creative is Strong Belief in Self. The place doesn't matter, inner peace matters. If we are in a peaceful state of mind we can be inspired and can inspire others too because we get the time to clear our vision, we get time to think about ourselves, we get time to explore the strength of self.

And I never get bored. So whether it is a big metro city or a small village doesn't make any difference. If I'm within myself, I can explore my talents anywhere. My Gurudev, my Family, my Inspiration Sujit Ji Lalwani, and my Besties always supported and encouraged me to improve my talent.

Aalisha Jain Gudiya 6. Could you share about the Core Attitudes you follow that have been instrumental in defining your Life?

Always smiling face. Keep Smiling Always.

7. How did you get introduced to the latest social media platforms you are active on and what has been the positive impact of them in your Life?

Firstly, I came on social media (Facebook) only to Vote for Sujit Ji Lalwani in 2009. Then I started to know about social media and its features and advantages. I started twitter when I got involved with an Organization proactive on Social Media. Then from my elder brother, I got to know about WhatsApp and Instagram and then I explored how they can be useful platforms for my creativity. And I found all these platforms very interesting and very useful to grow my talent and creativity as it can be shared without any boundary.

8. What type of Organizations have you been associated with and how has your perspective evolved through the journey?

I'm in Jaymal Jain Sangh and J.P.P. Jain Ahimsa Research Foundation (a charitable trust). Working in these both made me bold and multi-talented; I developed a religious cum spiritual perspective by involving in camp. Learnt the art of organizing events of huge scale. National sentiments because India would come together from so many parts literally.

9. What type of activities have you been a part of through the Organizations that you have been associated with and how has your experience been?

Activities that I had been involved with were:

• teaching students in the residential religious camp in which I was a student once.

• managing the whole camp and especially girls for 15 days (around 800 to 1000 participants).

• charity events.

• cultural activities

• hosting programs

• managing other events.

• writing news etc

Learnt singing, giving speeches, making news. And especially built huge contacts. I'm still associated with both the organization and love working with them.

10. What inspired you to take up and complete your Master's degree at such a young age and how did you accomplish it?

Studied Masters level syllabus n completed some exams informally too to evaluate myself and I fared very well. The zeal to study & learn always drives me. That's the same spirit with which Art Aalishan was born.

11. Since when and how did you start working on your Talent of engraving on rice & other smaller objects?

I used to write every discourse of my Gurudev when I was there with them. It was approx for 1 hour every day. I felt that it takes so many papers of my notebook and after the discourse gets published, what will I do with these handwritten matters. So I thought that I should write smaller to save the papers of my notebook.

Aalisha Jain Gudiya
I started writing 3 lines in one line. 4 lines in one line step by step. I reached up to 10 lines in one line. When my Gurudev saw that, he appreciated me so much and told that I should keep that in practice and start writing on rice. So this how it started. While sometimes when I was free, I used to write Navkar Mantra in a corner of a paper, sometimes people saw that and appreciated so much.

Aalisha Jain Gudiya Some people known to me came to meet, seeing those mantras in a cornet of a paper, they told me "Gudiya Ji please write this mantra and give me I will keep it in my purse. It’s in so small paper and I will show it to others too" and I was like... Oh, I'm getting popular, as I wanted to be very famous since my childhood.

Then, I continued writing smaller in paper and my first big project was writing Life Simplified Book in an A4 size paper and succeeded.

I participated in a few competitions where I had to write miniature and got 1st prize every time.

Feb 2019, I started writing names on rice. Then, I started writing a mantra with a brush and ink. And the first mantra that was Ganesh mantra, I wrote and gifted it to Ganesh temple of Beawar in Rajasthan, India.

Aalisha Jain Gudiya
And I learnt paper flower bouquet in my school when I was in 6th std. I applied the same process in small material and that’s how I prepared a miniature flower bouquet also.

12. We would love to know about the other Talents you possess and how do you manage to practice all of them?
• Astrology (horoscope reading) - learnt in 2015 by Harish Sir in Amravati, Maharashtra

• Piano - learnt in 2015 by Yogesh Sir in Amravati, Maharashtra

• I write Poems (got these genes from my mom as she used to write poems in her college days).

• I write religious songs.

• Sketch Artist - learnt from Aniguru Institute, Hyderabad while learning Animation in 2013-14.

• Art n craft (in-built talent)

• Little bit of Designing.

• started making jewellery of resin.

• Recently started embroidery.

Aalisha Jain Gudiya
• miniature greeting card

• proofreading of Hindi books of Jaymal Jain Sangh.

Well for practice, poems and singing are like background music in my daily routine. I have started again my piano practice after a long gap. Sketching, designing is there whenever I am free and I have a pen & paper in my hand. And whenever I find any difference in my health or wealth or any situation, I automatically start thinking astrologically. And then I clear my doubts with my Sir. This is how my practice going on.

I’m always curious to start new things and discover my new talents. But I don’t like to copy anyone. Instead, I do it in my way, if I fail I try again and make it perfect.

13. Could you share the Awards & Accolades you have received?

Aalisha Jain Gudiya
• Firstly, Became ambassador of the month for iU eMagazine.

• Felicitation by All India S.S. Jaymal Jain Sangh

• Felicitation by Jaymal Jain Sangh, Jodhpur

• Record Holder in India Book of Records for writing Mahamrityunjay Mantra on a single rice grain.

• Felicitation by Akhil Bhartiya Prachya Vidya Sansthan and Akhil Bhartiya Nath Yogi Mahasabha.

• Felicitation by Shri Makardhwaj Balaji Vishwa Kalyan Trust.

• Felicitation by Jain Sangh, Amravati

• Best Handwriting Award By Jaymal Jain Shivir Samiti.

• Talent Award by Jaymal Jain Shivir Samiti
Aalisha Jain Gudiya 14. What are you planning to work on in the next 5 years?
5 years. Big time. Many plans But I don't want to reveal it now because I don't share about my work before getting perfect in that.

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