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And there was life.. 

Ennui crept over me insidiously
That stars were dull , my coffee cold
A futile routine of
Home and classes
Classes and home
That was life a meaningless drone, a ceaseless hum.
Of foolish joys and mundane sorrows.

I was a spider , weaving my web meticulously,
Not knowing why, never digressing .
The days lay like blown Gulmohar blooms
Blasé with fire that was in them, now no more.
Ennui seeped through me
A formless mosaic in black and white
But today the jigsaw fell into its pattern
Every puzzling piece lay against each other.
The road side neem tree has raised a shoot
And my heart has raised a song
I have resurrected and as I looked around
The bus conducter grinned and shouted
“ Yelahanka”
A little girl smoothed her new dress
I smiled and there was life.

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Chitra Sen
I am a counselor and a coach also a visiting faculty in Atria college..

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