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Keeping it Real

Inspiring poetry during the COVID-19 times that bring you the strength and clarity you need, and deserve. A truly meaningful poetry by Sandhya Nagaraj.
Sometimes we all need a reminder
As much as we may already know it..
To keep it REAL.

When the tide is strong
And there's only silence - no song
We're doing harm by holding back the tears
When we have a broken heart
And pretend there's no void
We're only delaying healing by many years

When there's much on the outside
Causing discomfort on the inside
We don't stack up in the closet our fears
When there's high winds and storm
As long as we're human in form
We ought to stay put until the road clears

It isn't courage if we're lying to ourselves of strength
It isn't love if we're suppressing fear by any length
It isn't perfection if we're worrying even by a tenth
It isn't white if it isn't a mix of every wavelength

All we need is a gentle nudge
To keep it real - to the human in the mirror
For tis' only for yourself and not for an audience
One that either jeers, or cheers

Whilst there's some people
Who go about their lives unaffected
There's some people by the hour
Having their moments sweet and sour

No matter whether you're battered by this beast
Or you're still immune and can feast

While the world at large fights this pandemic
Let's promise to stay real to ourselves, 
and let being real, rage like an epidemic. 

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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