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A Marathoner, A Cyclist, A Swimmer and An Author - Ms. Suvalagna Chandra's Highly Proactive Inspiring Life Has it All.

What makes this young girl from Kolkata so proactive when several others struggle to find motivation to even wake up to daily chores? What makes her tick on her toes when several others feel aimless at times? Here's a sneak peek into life of Suvalagna, who is pulling herself together every single day to make her life story remarkable and a piece of inspiration for others. Read ON!
Suvalagna chandra

1. Could you introduce yourself and the types of Athletics you are involved in?
I am Suvalagna Chandra, a resident of Kolkata where I live with my parents and my sister. I am a Marathoner, a Cyclist, and a Swimmer apart from a full-time job as a Financial Advisor. I have 6 medals in my kitty currently.

2. Could you share the details regarding your Education background & Work experience?

I have completed my graduation- the Bachelor of Computer Applications from the West Bengal University of Technology. India. I am a writer and an Author as well. I have worked with brands like JW Marriott and Radisson previous to my current job.

3. Did you have any Inspirational figure in your childhood and why?

My dad has always been my inspirational figure. Though he is an engineer and doesn’t belong to the sports background, he is very hardworking and workaholic. He has a sportsman-like spirit who does not know defeat.

4. How important is Athletics in your Life?

Athletics provides you with better sleep. The more you stay physically active or into athletics, the better your sleep gets. Athletics also improves mental health to a certain extent. The more you get exposed or take part in events/competitions, the more you get mentally fit. It also definitely improves confidence and reduces stress. For all these reasons, athletics is very important to me and I suggest everyone should take up athletics due to its vast list of benefits.

5. How & when did you get inspired to take up running in your life?

Marathon is slowly but effectively gaining space in India. Just when it came to our country, I started participating in different marathon competitions. Life, according to me, is running. I used to run and cycle a lot in my childhood days with my buddies. We need to walk, if not run, without stopping, to reach our desired destination.

6. How many months of Training & Practice had gone in before your first marathon? Does the amount of practice differ on individual-basis?

I have undergone 4 months of training before my first marathon and it was a success. But I think it varies from person to person how he or she will get trained. Some may need more time while some can do it with 2 months of hard training even.

7. Is it important for the aspiring marathoners to start their practice when they are young or can Running be taken up at any stage of their Life? How old were you when you participated in your first half-marathon?

I would not suggest elderly people engage themselves in the hardcore marathon since it requires a huge amount of physical fitness. Youth should come forward and promote this amazing sport which is new in India. I was 26 years old when I participated in the 1st marathon.

8. Could you share your achievements in Athletics?

As of now I have participated in and completed 6 half-marathons and have won 6 medals.

9. What have been the strongest lessons learned through the experience of Running?

It does not matter how many times you fall with your nose on the ground, you should stand up and continue at least walking even if not running.

Suvalagna chandra

10. How different are the training regime of Running and Swimming? How do you manage both?

Running needs to be practiced daily and it demands more dedication and time than swimming. It is okay if we practice swimming 4 days a week for an hour each day. But that is not the case with running. I wake up at 6 am every day and run for 45 minutes. In the evening I go for swimming.

11. How important is the role of a Coach for the Training? Do you suggest first-time marathoners hire a Coach or take up self-coaching?

Self-coaching would also do if one is hardworking, dedicated, punctual and hungry for more.

12. What are the steps to be taken to help the body cope with post-marathon Stress and pain?

There are several medicines available in the market that can be taken post-marathon to cope up with the pain and stress. But I would suggest consulting a doctor first before buying or consuming them. One must apply hot and cold water on both the knees after a marathon.

13. What are your further plans for Running?

I would be taking part in TCS and IDBI marathons in the upcoming winter. The current goal is to achieve 4 more medals as that would make my medals count to 10.

14. How did Cycling become a part of your life?

Cyclothon has been recently launched in India. I used to do cycling races with my brother during my childhood days. When I heard about Cyclothon, I could not resist myself from taking part in it.

Suvalagna chandra

15. Could you share more about your Passion for Swimming?

Swimming is a suitable summer sport that refreshes the body and mind. I was about to participate in a competition this summer but due to lockdown, it has been canceled. Swimming allows me to start everything afresh. I am passionate about swimming too and like to stay in the water for an extra period.

16. Could you share some insights about your book “Wandering Words”?

My book “Wandering Words” is about different shades of literature. It is mostly about poems followed by opinions on important political/non-political issues. I call it diversified literature and it is a must-read. Especially the poems are close to my heart.

Suvalagna chandra

17. What would be your advice for aspiring Marathoners and Cyclists?

Stay focused. Stay active. Stay indulged in a race all the time. Stay blessed!

You can follow Ms. Suvalagna Chandra on Twitter: @SuvalagnaC Wandering Words can be bought through: Flipkart

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