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Effective Ways to Be Stress-Free During Exams

Being Stress Free During Exams

When you are a student, stress and tension are constant companions of exams. And it is vital to take extra care of yourself to eliminate possible burnout.
Dealing with stress during the exam season is a difficult thing to do. Exams are challenging for both young and adults. It is challenging to cope with such emotional stress alone.

Have the same problem? You shake and sweat every time exams are coming? Calm down. Everything is under control.

Here are some practical ways for you to stay calm, focused, and fold!

Take Regular Breaks
Even if you have a lot of work to do and tons of notes to prepare, do not forget to take some breaks. It is never good to push yourself beyond exhaustion. You shouldn't spend more than 8 hours a day preparing for exams. Whenever you feel stressed - pause your studying process and relax. Pause your exam preparation every 45 minutes. It will help you absorb the material better, and you will be less stressed. Open a window to let some fresh air in and stretch. Take a 10 minutes break to do eye exercises or just to breathe. All of these activities will help you to reduce stress and stay focused during your studies.

Remember To Breathe

It may sound obvious, but controlling your breathing helps to stay calm. Before the exam, you should try breathing practices: breathe slowly and exhale twice as slow. It will help you to control this swirl of emotions you have. Take some time to practice breathing exercises and shift your attention to things that make you happy. If you keep practicing, you will feel stress relieved sooner.


Extreme worrying and anxiety interfere with concentration, reduce attentiveness. When you feel restless, turn to meditation. It is best to do the meditation early in the morning or in the evening before bed. Take a deep breath and devote a couple of minutes to just sit with your eyes closed. Imagine yourself relaxing somewhere in the ocean with white sand beaches and palm trees or in a calm, silent forest - whatever works for you.

Stay Active

Whenever the sun shines, and the weather is good, use it to your advantage, go head to the gym, or take a walk—walking two hours before bed is the best way to relieve stress. An evening promenade will help you calm down and sleep. It is the best way to stay tuned and boost your mood during this uneasy exam period.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Eat regularly and try to avoid unhealthy snacks. Skipping meals to get extra time for preparation will cost you a lot in terms of health. Brain cells need a lot of energy to ensure that every system in your body works well. Make sure you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Take vitamins and remember to drink a lot of water during the day.

Make A Time Table

Keeping track of time can make all the difference. Try to prepare a study plan for each day or week and stick to it. It will allow you to allocate enough time for both studying and relaxing. Also, make sure your study space is comfortable and well-organized. It helps to feel more inspired, confident and prepared.

Keep A Daily Routine

Don't spend nights preparing for the exams. Sticking to your normal lifestyle is essential. Your body will understand that nothing out of the ordinary is happening — normal working days, but a little more intense. Make sure you get enough hours of sleep every day.

Try Different Study Techniques

Try some new studying approaches and techniques. Use highlighters of different colors to systemize your notes, make flashcards for each topic you have to look through. You can also join some study groups if you feel like preparing together with other students. Supporting each other during the exam session is beneficial. It re-energizes your mind so you can stay stress-free.

Take Care Of Yourself

Stop putting pressure on yourself. When we face new challenges, we often forget that self-care is essential. It is the only way you can have enough energy to accomplish your goals. Be proud of yourself and value your achievements.

Relax Before Exam

Do not try to study right before the exam urgently - there will be no benefit from it. Better rest and switch your thoughts to something more pleasant and positive. And most importantly, go to bed early. A good rest before the exam guarantees that you will remember everything the next day, you will succeed, and you will not be very nervous.

Get Help

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And remember that light worry on the day of the exam is okay. It sets you up for victory and allows you to cheer up when exams are over.

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