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Ways to Manage COVID Anxiety and Take Care of Your Mental Health

Covid Anxiety and Mental Health Our lives have changed in every possible way, and perhaps perpetually, ever since the pandemic hit us. The face of the planet found itself altered permanently, and as we donned masks and practiced social distancing, anxiety and several other mental health problems started preying on us. The pandemic did not only affect our physical health. Our mental health also deteriorated and started coming apart at the seams. We found ourselves grappling with COVID anxiety as we watched the number of active cases and deaths across the planet go through the roof. Every human being around us seemed like a potential carrier of the virus, and navigating this uncertainty became nothing less than a challenge.

As we enter the second year of the pandemic and find ourselves in the middle of the fatal second wave, it is important to take some time off, unwind and try to manage our COVID anxiety so that we can prevent mental health meltdown. In the article that we have today, we shall have a look at some of the ways in which you can take care of your mental health during these incredibly demanding and grueling times and prevent your anxiety from going off the charts. It is true that you cannot turn your emotions off and decide to feel better. Mental health does not work that way. However, there are obviously a few ways in which you can manage your conditions and live through each day as it comes. That said, let us now look at a few effective tips and try to incorporate the same in our lives.

Stay Informed but Limit the Intake:

Most of us are frantically looking for articles, resources, leads, and information on everything related to COVID-19. We are reading through social media toolkits, sharing them enthusiastically with others, and poring over boatloads of information. You might think that this is keeping you in the loop and helping you stay informed. However, this is only affecting your mental health even without your awareness. The more information you consume and watch the news, the closer shall you inch towards a complete meltdown. It is necessary to stay informed and share valuable information with others to help them. However, limit this practice and stay away from social media as much as possible. Read through resources shared by credible sources like WHO to avoid confusion and prevent the spread of misinformation.

Take Care of Your Health Not Out of Panic but Because it is Necessary:

Covid Anxiety and Mental Health The pandemic should not be the only reason for you to take care of your health. It is great if you are taking care of your health because you want to stay away from the virus. But that must not be the only reason. You are supposed to take care of your health and maintain proper hygiene because it is the mark of a good life. It is more than just a precautionary practice for COVID-19. The minute you realize this and incorporate the same in your lifestyle, you shall be able to manage your panic, stress, and anxiety. You shall practice hygiene and healthy practices because of a force of habit and not because you are panicking.

Take Up Activities that Help You Unwind:

It is essential to indulge in activities that shall help you unwind and stay calm during such distressing times. Go online and play on sites like to let your hair down for a bit or spend time in nature. You might even want to cook a new recipe or read the book that you always wanted to but never had the time. Sipping on a warm cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate along with a marathon of FRIENDS could be alleviating too. The bottom line is that you must engage in activities that help you de-stress and take your mind off the bleakness around you. We are not advising you to practice toxic positivity. But you must try not to get the pandemic to dominate everything you do and every conversation you have with friends, colleagues, and family. This shall only worsen your mental health and COVID anxiety.

Seek Professional Help:

These tips might come in handy and help you manage your COVID anxiety significantly. However, understand that there are resources available that can help you manage your stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Reach out for help before the condition exacerbates. Always remember that you are not alone in this, and therefore, you do not have to deal with the anxiety and stress alone. Call a mental health professional or book an appointment as soon as you realize that you need help.

Summing Up:

Managing our mental health during the pandemic has been nothing short of a task. The rising number of deaths, unemployment, mismanagement of a crisis by authorities and isolation from loved ones—are factors that can impact one’s mental health severely. The tips that we have mentioned in this article can help you manage the crisis to an extent. Therefore, try to incorporate these into your lifestyle and keep your hopes alive!

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