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4 Essential Tips To Keep Your Metal Roof in the Best Shape

Metal Roof Metal roofs have a much better reputation than traditional asphalt shingles. Everyone from contractors to insurance companies all agrees it's a worthwhile investment that goes a long way towards protecting your house and cutting down energy costs.

But that doesn't mean you can just let the roof sit over your head without any maintenance. Just like any other material, there are a few things you can do to keep your metal roof in shape and prepared for a year full of harsh weather.

From hot sunny summer days to dark and frigid snow days in the wintertime, your metal roof will go through a lot. Here are four essential ways you can protect your metal roof all year long, according to professionals like this metal roofing Fort Collins company.

1) Keep Up With Cleaning

Metal roofs are susceptible to various forms of mold and mildew over the course of a rainy season. Any moisture that lingers on your roof can easily grow mold and cause it to appear brown or green.

Additionally, this causes corrosion faster and leads to more expensive repairs in the future. In this case, a professional pressure washing and treatment with chemicals will clean up the nasty fungus very quickly.

The more you keep up with mold maintenance, the better it will look and the longer it will last.

2) Trim nearby trees

Be careful that you don't have any branches reaching over your roof. They will drop leaves that could cause clogged drain pipes and mold growth.

Branches above your home are also a severe risk if there is a strong storm with winds fast enough to break branches off your tree. A fallen tree branch could easily result in dents, leaks and require extensive repairs. This damage can be easily avoided by carefully removing the branches before they build up.

Metal Roof 3) Unclog Drains When Needed

Drains are placed at the bottom of your roof to catch the water when it rains. If there is any type of buildup of leaves, sticks, or even mildew in these drains when you get heavy rain, the drains will become clogged.

Having a clogged drain system can cause damage to your roof and a mess of flooding! Cleaning this out is the easiest when all the contents are dry because you can pull everything loose with a broom with ease.

4) Conduct Inspections Regularly

Dents on your roof can cause many issues, such as leaks and internal water damage. When you have dents, your home will be less efficient in retaining heat, making your winter eclectic bills skyrocket.

At least once every two months or so, walk around and inspect for any apparent dents, shifting, or damage to the fascia. In addition to your own checks, you should hire a professional inspector annually to verify that your roof is in good condition.

If you keep up with both professional and do-it-yourself inspections, you'll catch any problems right away and secure repairs before the damage becomes more costly.

Commit to Upkeep

A metal roof is one of the best roofing materials you can invest in. It has earned its reputation as durable and sturdy through extreme conditions.

However, you still have to care for it. If you choose to use this durable material, make sure you are diligent about the upkeep and maintenance. Invest in keeping your metal roof clean, free of clogs, and free of damage such as denting and shifting.

With this little extra effort, your metal roof will look great and last upwards of 50 years!

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