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King vs California King: What’s the Difference?

King Mattress

California King Mattresses

The King Mattress is perhaps the most comfortable type of bed ever invented. It is perfect for camping, traveling, and staying at home. Mattresses have come a long way since they were first introduced to the world. There are many advantages that come with owning one such bed.


The traditional types of mattresses are those that are kept on a bed and can be rolled up for convenience. However, such mattresses are not as advantageous when it comes to storing. As mentioned above, King Mattress is much larger and requires different storage spaces. The conventional mattresses are large and hence take up more storage space. This is because they are large in dimension and require several pieces of furniture to store them. In fact, to store them, you need at least two king mattresses and about an extra bedroom as well.

Sleeping space

When it comes to sleeping, the king size is great as it allows more people to fit in a single bed. This is especially useful for families as well as singles. It is known that a queen will give you about the same comfort that a king mattress gives you. In fact, the queen mattress is a bit wider and is usually used by couples. A king mattress is recommended for people who want to have their own separate sleeping space.


Not only does a king mattress give couples the advantage of having their own sleeping space but also allows several people to share the same mattress. King or a cal king size is a common choice for many. King Mattresses are available in various sizes and thus you can choose the size that suits your needs and sleeping preferences. You can find the sizes ranging from the small king to the extra-large king. This means that you can get a mattress that is big enough for you and your partner to sleep comfortably.

Bed frame

The bed frame of the King Mattress is made of aluminum metal. You can find this material in different sizes, such as the ones that measure just under thirty-seven inches wide and eighty inches long. The average size of a King Mattress is roughly just over three feet by five feet. The weight of the mattresses varies as well, with some weighing in the range of six hundred to one thousand pounds.

Determine sleep needs

Before you buy a new mattress size, you must first know how much sleep you need. You can determine your personal sleep needs by using a measuring tape. If you sleep on your back, the tape can measure your neck to the base of your head. If you sleep on your side, it measures across your hips to the floor. For you to get the right King Mattress size, you should sleep on it for at least a few days to come up with a good idea of what your new mattress size would be.


There are many ways to go about purchasing the correct size of the bed. Many people prefer to purchase a king mattress because they feel that the firmness and coziness are better suited for sleeping. You can actually get a twin mattress, which is made of less firm materials and is suited more for sleeping on the side. The best way to determine your ideal sleeping position is to sleep on a flat surface and then make the necessary mattress measurements to determine the thickness of your mattress. When in doubt as to whether you want to purchase a king-size or twin size, you can always call the merchant and have them measure you for the proper size.

California King Mattress

Early on you usually learn about the different types of mattresses available - twin, full, queen, California King, etc. There is however more than just one type of mattress, and which two with the largest draw are really the California King mattress and the traditional king mattress. However, what exactly is a California King mattress? And what makes that other traditional king mattress so wrong?


The first thing to know about the California King mattress is that it is a size similar in shape and size to the traditional king bed. However, the main advantage is that it offers a much larger sleeping area and because of its larger size it offers more room for you and your loved ones to get comfortable. It can also provide a better night's sleep due to the extra-large size and because it is designed for larger beds this means there are many additional mattress toppers available. The toppers offer a great deal of extra cushioning and often will work very well in cushioning out the uncomfortable areas of a traditional twin or queen bed mattress. This then means the comfort levels experienced by all who use the bed will be similar.


The second main advantage of the California King mattress is the space it offers. King-size beds are designed to provide much more room than a traditional twin-size bed and because of this, you can often get a larger bedroom and still have more room in your home. This can make life a lot easier in many parts of the world where the traditional king-sized bed cannot accommodate many guests. Especially, when you consider how rooms in many modern houses are limited to just one or two people living in them. However this isn't always the case, and in the cases of smaller apartments and dormitories, it can be harder to get a larger bed in them.


This leads to a third advantage of the California King mattress. In terms of sleeping space, you can get a larger amount of comfort. Typically mattresses will allow for somewhere between ten and fifteen inches wide and eighty inches long. However, with a California King mattress, you can expect to get a much larger space which will make it easier to sleep through the night and still wake up comfortable and able to move around during the day.

Comfort and Luxury

California King Mattresses

The fourth advantage is the added comfort and luxury you will receive from choosing a California King size bed. Typically mattresses aren't designed to support your back well. In addition, you may find that many mattresses simply don't offer you the right level of support. A California King mattress is designed to give you more support in all the right places. Therefore you will find that you sleep better and wake up feeling more comfortable than with any other model of bed on the market.


The final advantage you will find when you choose a California King size bed is the price. Obviously, you pay more money for a California King mattress because it is made from a larger size bed but the sales process is very smooth and done very easily. However, when you consider the price of most other mattresses you will find that it is well worth the price. In fact, in some cases, you can actually save money by choosing to buy a king bed. This is because you will be able to get the same quality mattresses at a lower cost.


California King-size bed mattresses are available at many different local retail outlets including bedding stores and online. They are priced the same as standard king mattresses, however, they are usually a little cheaper due to the manufacturing costs. Therefore if you are looking to save a little bit of money then you may want to think about buying a California King size mattress. This will allow you to get the same quality mattress at a lower cost than you could with a regular-sized mattress. Also, you will find that this type of mattress provides you with extra comfort as the bed doesn't have to provide as much support as standard mattresses do.

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