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Planning A Trip With Your Pet? 5 Must-Have Pet Travel Accessories

Pet Travel Accessories Nowadays, social media trends have taken a 180-degree turn. People have gone from posting aesthetic pictures of vacation with their partners to share some real surprising detour pictures with their pets.

We bet you too must have seen some Instagram influencer posting a photo of themselves with their dog or cat on a scenic island or something. Well, going on a vacay with the pet has more or less become a trend and how! In fact, research revealed that almost 78% of pet owners and their four-legged friends are driving and flying together more now than ever before!

And in all honesty, this is by far one of the most pleasing social media trends to have ever existed. So, if you too are planning a trip with your furry baby anytime soon, you must start packing your luggage now. Here's presenting a list of 5 super-essential pet travel accessories that you must get:

1. Dog Car Seat Cover

Dogs are love and nobody can deny this. No wonder why most of the travelers prefer their dogs to give them company over any other pet.

But hey, putting all this love aside, the one problem associated with these hairy cuties is that their fur gets caught everywhere. And honestly, finding myriads of dog hair stuck in the car seat when you two are on a road trip isn't the most pleasant experience.

But you are just one dog car seat cover away from living your wanderlust with your pet to the fullest. Just put the cover on the backseat of the car and let your dog loose. Once you're back home, take it off and wash it away. No fur on the car seat! Yes, it's that simple.

2. Portable Pet Water Bottle

Going for a long drive with your pet? Well, must consider keeping a water bottle with you because our furry babies tend to get extra thirsty when they leave home. But come on, making them drink water with the regular pet size bottle is no less than a task!

Besides, the never-ending spills also ruin the car. So, why carry the same, old regular water bottle when you can just swap it with a portable water bottle designed exclusively for your pets?

This water bottle is a blessing, especially if you're traveling with your dog or cat and they happen to be fussy one. Zero chances of spilling and easy to carry, this one is a must.

3. Bubble Pet Carrier

Pet Travel Accessories The cutest yet arguably the most useful pet travel accessory. Besides, this one is so in trend! Imagine you went on hiking with your pet and you just feel like taking a little stroll in all that flora and fauna.

Well, you can easily tie your dog to a leash and take him along with you. But let's talk practically for a minute - dogs get exhausted from walking too, and there will be a point after which you will have to carry them in your arms.

So, why rely on leashes when you have the Bubble Pet Carrier? Just put your pet inside the bag-pack and carry it on your shoulders. Don't worry, there's enough ventilation for your dog to breathe and he can also enjoy the view because there's a plastic window too!

4. Dog Raincoat

Don't even say you didn't see this coming! Planning for a tour and not carrying a raincoat is a risky deal. Besides, we all know how most dogs love to take a good walk when it's raining. But, getting wet in the rain may take a toll on their health.

So, when you are carrying a raincoat for yourself, why not consider carrying one for your dog too? And come on, let's just take a moment to appreciate just how deviously cute they look in one!

5. Dog Float

Dogs and beaches are one of the most beautiful combinations! So, if you are planning to go on a beach getaway with your dog anytime sooner, don't forget to bag a dog float for your four-legged friend.

They also deserve to enjoy the waves just like you and me! And don't worry, these are available across multiple online pet stores in a wide range of varieties.

Over to you…

Planning a getaway with your pet is cool, but getting the luggage packed rightly is a fuss! Here, we listed 5 pet travel accessories you must get. Read this article and get packing!

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