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When should a business use Apple or Windows?

Apple Mac Windows Business owners should research and evaluate both Apple and Windows products. Each brand has disadvantages and advantages. However, Windows remains the top operating system in the US, with Apple close behind. Of course, Apple users tend to be brand loyal and often stick to Apple products for their phones, tablets, TV, watches, and laptops.

Windows and Apple appeal to different industries and business sectors. Here are a few things to consider if you need to invest in a new operating system for your business.


Traditionally, Macs are used by the creative industry because of their smart graphic design and editing software. However, in recent years, Macs and PCs have started to occupy the same sectors as they both occupy similar software. Mac can now host Microsoft Office 365 along with all of the Apple software. For the most part, both Macs and PCs are compatible with various businesses.

PCs are more customizable and have a wider price range

Apple is known for its hefty price tag. A MacBook can cost anywhere upwards of £1,000, while a PC with a similar specification can be bought for only £700. You can even purchase entry-level PCs for just £200.

Support costs for PCs and Macs are similar – although you may pay more for Apple’s specialist Mac care.

Apple Mac Windows PCs are way more customizable than Macs. You can install a second internal hard drive or multiple screens connecting to a single CPU on a PC. For this reason, many businesses typically choose PCs for their team.

Macs are often the top picks in the design industry

One of the big selling points of Apple is its image. A sleek Mac is more impressive than a chunky PC, and Apple is considered to be at the forefront of technology. Apple shows that you stay up to date with innovative technology for those working in creative digital industries.

You can also use Macs as soon as they come out of the box, making them super accessible and easy to use. Win, win!

On the other hand, big technology firms sometimes view PCs as the mark of more serious individuals who will get the job done. Consider selling your Apple products and invest the money into the Windows counterpart if that’s a better fit for your business.

Fewer security threats

There are fewer malware programmes designed for macOS because more people are using Windows OS worldwide. While macOS is still liable to cyber threats, you are less likely to experience an extremely damaging one on a Mac than a Windows.

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