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Reasons To Choose Exabytes For All Your Web Hosting Needs

Exabytes More than 4.66bn people out of the population of 7.8bn are on the internet today. The Internet has given the power to every business owner to go beyond the physical boundaries of a region and grow their business. It looks like a thing of the past when growing or expanding a business involved a lot of hassles including transportation, outreach among the new masses, building collaborations and connections, etc.

In this age, it makes more sense to take your business online or start an online business as it offers unlimited possibilities for growth. The statistics speak for themselves of the number of businesses and people doing business online. According to statistics, there are 1691 billion websites on the internet today.

So you decide to take your business online, apart from the creation of your website, the other pivotal aspect is Web Hosting. According to the data by Grandview research, the global web hosting market was valued at $56.7 billion in 2019 and it is projected to expand at a CAGR of 15.5% from 2020-2027.

What is Web Hosting:

Web Hosting is a process through which the hosting provider allocates space for your website on their server to store your files so that your website is available on the internet. It makes your website accessible to people.

For an online business or an eCommerce store, Web Hosting is at the core of the business. Since your business depends on functioning online, the choice of a Web Hosting provider has to be made wisely. Poor hosting can hamper your business for reasons more than one including keeping your website down (known as Downtime) wherein it becomes unavailable to access for your customers.

As per the statistics, as of May 2019, there are 338,561 Web Hosting providers across the world.

Exabytes What is Exabytes?

Exabytes is a Singapore-based web hosting provider. It is a leading provider in Asia for managed hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and dedicated servers. Exabytes Group of Companies is a renowned brand in Southeast Asia for its cloud solutions. The clients of Exabytes include companies like 3M, Abbott, Hyundai, Bridgestone, SHARP, etc.

Reasons to choose Exabytes for Web Hosting:

1. Higher Reliability:

The places where the physical servers are stored are called Data Centers. Exabytes has its 6 data centers located in multiple locations. It has over 20 years of experience catering to more than 140k customers worldwide from more than 120 countries. These factors of Web Hosting by Exabytes assure you of the availability of quality hosting without experiencing any downtime. Additionally, the backup of the data on the website plays an important role in case of any disasters. Exabytes provides you with regular backups of the data to protect it.

2. Domain & Email:

In addition to the Web Hosting, you need to set up a name of your website which is also called ‘Domain name’ through which your customers can access the website. We will be discussing relating to Domain Names in detail in the latter part of the article. With Exabytes, you get access to a Web Control Panel called cPanel that gives you complete control over your domain name, website, and email. With web hosting, you can create a unique email address of the company with your domain name. Email address with domain name builds trust among the recipient.

Exabytes 3. Helps Search Engine Ranking & SEO:

As an online business, the other reason to go for Web Hosting with Exabytes is the fact that a regular Uptime of your website is vital for your search engine ranking. The search engines are designed in a way to visit and analyze the websites to help improve your ranking, if the website’s downtime is high, the trustworthiness parameter of the website will be low and it would affect the ranking. Additionally, it is believed that even a slow website can hamper your ranking. Hence, choose the hosting provider and type of hosting wisely.

4. Better Customer Support:

Exabytes provides you a reliable technical support team that is available 24*7. They are professional server engineers and can help you resolve your issue quickly, and therefore they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Haven’t you tried Exabytes yet?

Types of Web hosting available with Exabytes:

- VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

- Dedicated Hosting

Let us discuss them in detail:


VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is a type of web hosting wherein you get access to a ‘virtual machine’ that is sold as a service to you. Technically, the VPS runs its own copy of an Operating System and thus enables you to enjoy the experience like that of a ‘Dedicated Server’ but at a much lower cost. Hence, VPS is often considered to fall in between ‘Shared hosting’ and ‘Dedicated Server’. It is generally useful for businesses that have outgrown the limits of ‘Shared hosting’ in the terms of website traffic but haven’t yet reached a level to require a ‘Dedicated Server’. (But what’s a Dedicated Server? Read On!).

Benefits of using VPS from Exabytes:

1. Enhances the performance of your website:

With ‘Shared hosting’ many websites share a particular available space and features. An overload on this server i.e a physical machine can result in the slowing down of all websites. Hence, if your business has regular traffic but your website has slowed down; it can result in the loss of potential customers. Hence, it is better to opt for VPS. Due to better functionality than that of ‘Shared hosting’, it is gaining rapid popularity worldwide.

With VPS, it is a virtual machine which means that the users do not control a physical server. A physical server is in turn, divided into several parts through software called Type 1 or 2 hypervisor. The divided parts of a physical server form a virtual server each running an OS copy of its own. A virtual server is allotted a part of the memory and storage of the physical server. At Exabytes, they divide the resources using a process called KVM (Kernel-based virtual machine) that provides real hardware virtualization. It provides better performance with lower requirements on the hypervisor.

This enables the user to experience ‘Dedicated server’-like services like speed and security. This improves the loading time of your website. Particularly, if you are an online business, it is beneficial for you as your customers would want the products to load faster else, they would bounce from your website.

Exabytes 2. Provides better security & reliability:

In shared hosting, your data is vulnerable to attacks. Any misconduct by another website might hamper the functioning of your website as well. Additionally, if there is a high jump in traffic of other websites, the loading speed of your website and all the pages would go down considerably which can hamper your business. Since a VPS is a part of the physical server, this enables better security for your website data. Exabytes deploys up-to-date security software that protects your data from cyber-attacks and lowers the risk of data loss. It would also increase the reliability of website performance.

3. Low-cost:

Don’t go by the Dedicated Server-like features when it comes to costs. A VPS can cost you considerably lesser than that of a dedicated server. Typically, VPS plans with Exabytes start from as low as $5 per month which is lesser than what a cup of Starbucks coffee in Berlin would cost if you were to buy a coffee there.

4. Scalability:

If your business grows, with a VPS from Exabytes, scaling up the features and services you need is very easy. This prevents you from long waits for the upgrades and helps you grow your business faster without any downtime. You have the choice to choose the services you need as per the scale of your business.

5. Customer service:

With Exabytes, you will be entitled to stronger customer service and technical support. If anything breaks down and you know that it wasn’t a fault on the backend of your website, the customer service teams of the provider could be easily connected to.

Dedicated Server:

There were multiple references to a ‘Dedicated server’ in the points related to ‘VPS’. But what is a dedicated server? To put it simply, when you go for a dedicated server, you are leasing out a complete physical server exclusively for your business that is not shared with anyone else. It gives you the best service and control and comes at a much higher cost compared to ‘Shared hosting’ or ‘VPS’. If you feel that your business has grown to an extent that you can afford a dedicated server, this would probably be the best investment with a perspective of website performance and business growth.

Data shows that the market size of ‘Dedicated hosting’ would be worth $6.53 billion by 2020.

Benefits of Dedicated Server with Exabytes:

1. Greater Control:

A dedicated server provides you greater flexibility and control in your hands including the OS you want to use and other hardware components. You can choose the use of all the available resources as you deem fit for your business. Your resources, storage, or any other aspect of the server isn’t shared with anyone.

Exabytes 2. Better Reliability:

99.9% Network Uptime: A dedicated server from Exabytes guarantees you 99.9% network uptime which means that your website would be active on Internet 24*7*265 without going down.

Multiple Power Generator Sets: Multiple power generator sets have been deployed at the data centers to prevent any downtime in the scenarios of longer power cuts.

24*7 Network Monitoring: The networks are monitored 24*7 and any issues are handled and solved on a high priority.

3. Enhances Website Performance:

Faster page load times: Unlike shared hosting, your websites on a dedicated server would load incredibly faster as there are no other websites your website is getting affected from like in a shared server. The High-Density Data Centers of Exabytes facilitates 100Mbps speed that would enable faster loading of websites and enhances its performance. Hence, it enhances the reliability of your website.

4. Improved Security:

Exabytes A dedicated server provides the best security for your data. Exabytes deploys up-to-date security software that protects your data from cyber-attacks. There is 24*7 Security Protection for your data. With a dedicated server, you are allowed to implement your own higher levels of data security from your side as well to provide optimal security to your data.

5. Faster Customization & Scalability:

With both changes in technologies and growth in your business, you might want to change various configurations of your server. A dedicated server not only makes this possible, it also enables you to change and upgrade the configurations faster. Customization of your server according to the needs of your business like upgrading your CPU, adding more RAM, adding a larger hard disk drive can be completed easily within just a few minutes.

Managed WordPress Hosting: (What is it?)

Exabytes So you have decided to start an online store and also you have decided to go for a WordPress Website, but what about hosting? Although you have an option to go for shared hosting or VPS, what if you find a solution or a hosting plan that is specifically for WordPress websites? That’s exactly is WordPress Hosting- A type of hosting customized to optimize WordPress websites.

Now, if you want to understand ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’ better: Shared hosting and VPS have 2 types: Managed hosting & unmanaged hosting. Generally, unless specified, it is unmanaged hosting i.e. the users manage it themselves. When you opt for a managed hosting, the hosting provider takes care of updates, security, and backups of your website, and other aspects. The same is the case with ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’.

Features of MWH with Exabytes:

Keeps website safe and secure: Exabytes provides 3 layers of security to your website to keep it safe and secure.

Stable Network: For an online business, the stability of the network is an important aspect of business growth. Exabytes provides a stable network that enhances the performance of your website.

Dedicated Support Team: There might be several aspects of server hosting that you might not be aware of. In case of any issues or breakdowns, a quality support team is a must. With Exabytes, you have an agile and helpful team that supports you in any online difficulties of your business.

Easy Setup: The last thing you want while starting an online business is difficulty in setting up your WordPress website on the hosting server. Exabytes provides you an easy setup process by compiling all the requirements in one platform so that you can save time and manage tasks easily.

Domain Names:

Exabytes In simple words, a domain name is a name you give your website to make it accessible by people. As per the data, there are 154,608,076 hosted domains on the internet. People can search for your website with that name. Choosing the right domain is another vital aspect of your website and business. Here are the reasons you need to make choosing the right domain name seriously:

1. Assists Branding:

Domain names help you brand your business better. Easy to remember domain names can boost brand recall and word-of-mouth for your business. Additionally, a domain name creates a perception of your brand in the minds of your potential customers. Choose a domain name that represents your business right and helps create better recognition, and makes it easy for visitors to remember it.

2. Adds Business Credibility:

Believe it or not, there is a huge difference in the domains “www.thefacebook.com” and “www.facebook.com”. Those who have been accustomed to the latter might not even relate when we mention that the former was the first domain with which ‘Facebook’ was launched. Don’t be surprised if the domain name changes to “www.fb.com” anytime soon. Domain name thus adds credibility to your business. It makes you look more professional. Choosing a generic name or a poor domain name hampers the confidence among the potential customers.

3. Helps in SEO and Search Engine Ranking:

Choosing the right domain name helps boost the SEO of your website. Ideally, your domain must include the brand name or something that talks about what you do. Additionally, the extension you choose matters as well. Though “.com” has been a widely used domain name and provides huge credibility, recently ‘Google Domains’ and many other companies have launched a set of new domains and they are widely gaining popularity. There are over 1200 extensions to choose from. If you are an online store, “.shop” could be an extension you could go for; if you are a non-profit “.org” would be more suitable. Your extension could also be location-oriented like “.us”, “.au”, “.uk”, etc. You could check the complete list of available extensions here.

4. Improves Marketing:

For an online business, a domain name matters for creating interest in people for clicking on the link. It helps in increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns by creating higher clickthrough rates, more trust, more brand potential, and a better ranking on the search engine.


In today’s world, a website is more than just a webpage on the web that creates your presence while your work happens offline. The majority of businesses today are ‘online businesses’ thus, all the work happens online. In such a scenario, for the companies in the SEA region or even worldwide, choosing a quality Web hosting company like Exabytes is a vital aspect. Exabytes strives to provide you with the best hosting experience so that you can focus on what you love, that is growing your business while they take care of the backend aspects concerning the servers.

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