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7 Inspiring and Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur

Nagpur is the third-largest city in the state of Maharashtra and is known as the “Orange City”. With the boom of the startup ecosystem across the country, Nagpur isn’t behind in turning itself into a startup hub by supporting the innovations of startup enthusiasts. The govt. initiatives and the high potential of investments and growth prospects have boosted startups to make Nagpur their base.

As a result, Nagpur is home to more than 170 amazing startups. Here is a list of 7 Startups from Nagpur that are on their way to fast-paced growth:

1. Khichadiwala:

Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur

Khichadiwala is founded by Mr. Manish Khanchandani and Mr. Sagar Bhajani in 2014 to address the problem of consumption of unhealthy foods by today’s generation. Khichadi is one of the traditional and healthy foods in our country. The founders feel that it is losing its importance amongst the youngsters as they are inclined towards fast foods that might taste good but are unhealthy, hence they have set out on a mission to revamp Khichdi and revive its place in the families.

To make it appealing for the youngsters, Khichadiwala has given a touch of local and global flavors to the Khichdis including, the flavors like Italian Khichdi, and Saoji Khichdi. They envision making Khichdi the most prevalent fast food in the country with no preservatives, unlike the alternatives.

2. Decornt Online Service Pvt Ltd:

Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur

Decornt Online Service is an online marketplace that enables the users to purchase things related to event production like decoration and catering. This saves them time and money that was going in to travel to other places/cities for the procurement of the materials. The idea was conceived by the husband-wife duo Mr. Lagan Saluja and Ms. Kamal Saluja in the year 2017. Decornt bridges the gap between the vendors and customers and helps them collaborate.

They envision Decorn becoming a one-stop solution for all the things needed for the preparation of an event.

3. GAGS:

Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur

GAGS- Get and Give Services based out of Nagpur is a hyperlocal delivery startup. It is founded by Mr. Kushal Katara, Mr. Meet Bhanushali, Mr. Chinmay Naidu, and Mr. Rohit Thakur in 2019. GAGS provides a 1-hour on-demand delivery for the ordered goods.

They envision changing the logistics landscape in the city and help businesses grow faster. It enables better sales for businesses by enabling them to fulfill the orders across the city. GAGS has fulfilled 90,000 deliveries to date with 350 businesses on its platform, 1500+ customers on the platform, and 40 delivery drivers.

4. NowZone:

Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur

If you have read the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, you would have an idea of the importance of being in the present moment. Nowzone strives to help people experience the same in their lives through dynamic Meditation that is the best fit for modern life.

Nowzone is founded by Mr. Akash Madnani, Ms. Ritu Nahar, Mr. Chetan Borkar, and Mr. Sudhil Baheti in 2020. Through their research over the years by the team (esp. Mr. Akash), they have developed a unique concept called ‘Nowfulness’ through which they provide you with a breath wearable device to help you with meditation, and sleep management. The device tracks your breath using sensors and provides the results of the breathing pattern through an app. You can use the device for meditation, breath awareness, yoga, or even exercises. It helps you reduce stress & anxiety; improve focus and physical health.

5. BusinessEzee:

Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur

Founded in 2017 by Mr. Rajendra Sahare, as the name suggests, BusinessEzee provides technology solutions to small, medium, and large businesses to assist their growth. Their business solutions include CRM Software, HR Management Software, Chatbot, and eCommerce solutions.

Through these solutions, they help businesses become efficient in sales, human resource management, customer engagement, & creating and managing an online business.

6. YourPhysio:

Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur

YourPhysio is one of India’s trusted online physiotherapy clinics. It was founded in 2017 by Mr. Ashutosh Mundhada, Mr. Raunak Khandelwal, and Ms. Sheetal Mundhada. YourPhysio enables physiotherapy treatment right at home through online consultation. This model is very beneficial considering the Covid-19 pandemic that has restricted the movements of people. If you need physiotherapy but cannot move out, YourPhysio is for you.

In February 2021, they have raised $350K for the pre-seed round from the venture capital fund called Better Capital.

7. CalvayFood:

Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur

CalvayFood is the brainchild of Mr. Abhas Disawal and Mr. Akash. It has been founded in 2015. CalvayFood provides you with honest, healthy, and delicious breakfast, meal and snack options. If you are a fitness freak, the online store & offline stores of Calvay's is for you.

Calvay's is focused on developing healthy food options. They started with Calvay’s EggRich, which they call India’s first Protein Fortified Upma, and then developed Calvay’s VegRich, both of which garnered excellent feedback from the market. Soon, they have expanded their offering with a few more items such as VegRich Protein Oats Upma, VegRich Protein Oats Poha, VegRich Protein Oats Khichadi, VegRich Protein Power Noodles, Egg Rich Nutri Fudge Dutch Chocolate, and many more. They also supply staples like Oats, Coffee, Black Raisins, Dried Dates Powder, Quinoa Seeds, Chia Seeds, etc.

If you are looking to healthify your meals, Calvay's is the place to be.

Image Credits:

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Image 6: YourPhysioImage 7: CalvayFood

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