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6 Statement Clothing Trends for Men You Need To Know

Statement Clothing Trends for Men The term 'statement' piece is often overused within the fashion industry. A fashion piece may be clothing, jewelry, shoes, or an accessory. It becomes a statement piece or fashion style if it grabs attention as a single item or part of a set.

It is part of the brand or identity of the wearer. The statement can be about fashion, ideology, or something personal. For example, women wearing pants in the 50s and 60s were making a statement about politics and liberation, or when pink became the new black for men who were comfortable about their masculinity.

Streetwear is becoming popular for its statement pieces. Anyone who considers themselves fashionable should be aware of how to use statement items to enhance any outfit. Streetwear is more accessible to the general public, especially when influential fashion bloggers make them trend.

1. Cross-Body Bags

A cross-body bag hangs on one side while the strap loops on the opposite shoulder. It's a functional fashion item that can carry your belongings and keep your hands free as you go about your day. It can work in the cityscape, as you run your errands, go shopping, or just out for fun.

Many designers offer cross-body bags, so finding one in your size, style, or color is easy. They are a versatile fashion piece that works for any occasion. You can also fill it with your daily items and use it as a go-bag; just pick it up, throw it over a shoulder and go.

Cross-body bags give a relaxed vibe to any outfit. You can choose a style like a more structured cross-body bag or a boho cross-body bag with fringes. A small or medium-sized bag can level up any outfit, even a simple one.

2. Glasses

You may be on prescription glasses or not need them at all; either way, glasses can add to your fashion sense. Prescription glasses come with a lot of stylish options, like men's rimless glasses, so you will never run out of options, no matter your preference.

Glasses are an accessory, so you can play them up for a stylish look. You can opt for bold colors or stylish designs of your choice. Buy more than a pair of glasses; that way, you have options to match your wardrobe.

3. Pendants

A pendant is a piece of jewelry that hangs off a chain. It can be decorative, but you can add sentimentality to it by carrying a picture or lock of the hair of a loved one. You can wear a simple pendant with a favorite t-shirt, pair it with a tank top, a denim button-down, or even a flannel. It works well if the pendant and outfit are similar or complement each other.

Statement Clothing Trends for Men 4. Socks

Socks don't have to be boring. They can be bold, bright, and eye-catching in themselves. Socks are way at the bottom of your outfit, and they are usually under your trousers or covered by your shoes, so to make an impact, they need to be extra. The extra can come from the color, design, or pattern.

If you like showing some ankle, you can wear low-rise socks. They offer comfortable protection while being light. They work well in summer or for athletic activities like jogging.

5. Baseball Hat

Traditionally, baseball caps are a sporty, casual piece of kit. Men would wear them with a T-shirt and trainers. But there are more ways you can style and fit a baseball cap. You can have one with

premium materials and stripped-back detailing, turning it into headwear that can work across your wardrobe.

It's no longer simple logo designs in the front for baseball caps from Cap Manufacturers; you can find suede, satin, and corduroy versions that could legitimately be worn with tailoring.

6. Satchels

A satchel is a bag strung on a strap that goes over your shoulder and closes with a flap. The straps can be single or double, which will enable you to wear them like a backpack. They were originally for carrying books but have evolved to be more fashionable and versatile.

You can use them for the office, a day out on the beach, or for a party. They are functional because they can carry a number of things with ease. You can hold books, your laptop, or anything you need.

Make a Statement

Turn your ordinary fits into something that speaks to your personality. Experiment with colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles to find what will suit you. You don't have to be famous to make a fashion statement, go ahead and turn heads.

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