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The Top Spring Break Safety Tips for 2023

The Top Spring Break Safety Tips for 2023 Spring break can go one of two ways: the best time of your life or the worst. Seldom is there a middle ground. But there isn't any more significant obstacle to having a great time than staying safe.

Keep your possessions safe, your inner circle close, and your mind alert, and you'll be on track to having a spring break to remember forever. But to get there, follow these vital tips:

Download a Ride-Sharing App, but Keep a Taxi Number Handy

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are convenient to have on your phone. Call them wherever, whenever, and someone will pick you up in ten minutes or less.

But phones die. They lose service, and calls drop, too. Keeping a taxi number on hand is essential in case something goes wrong and you need to get back to your digs. Avoid having to call a Boynton Beach car accident lawyer after one too many drinks by letting someone else drive for you.

Implement the Buddy System

If you're going on spring break with friends, develop a buddy system. That could look like never letting anyone get far on their own. It could look like checking in every half hour. Just make sure you're all on the same page about your system and that you all intend to use it.

The Top Spring Break Safety Tips for 2023 Keep Your Wallet at Home

The best way to not lose your wallet, or have it stolen, is not to take it out. Take out one debit card and some cash if you must, but anything bulky enough to attract attention, leave it at home.

If you bring your wallet out and lose it, don't fret. Studies show that more people actually return lost wallets than keep them if found.

Be Careful at ATMs

ATM burglaries are on the rise. If you need to run to an ATM to withdraw money, make sure it's daytime and in a crowded area. Avoid ATMs in poorly lit areas and off major streets or thoroughfares if you want to withdraw money safely.

Don't Dilly Dally at Your Hotel Room Door

The Top Spring Break Safety Tips for 2023 An entire world of hotel theft gets away with millions+ in stolen revenue each year. Don't become a statistic — be smart about how you enter and exit your hotel room.

Have your key on hand, enter, and lock immediately behind you. Upon exiting, head straight for the elevator, and don't look back!

Create a Code Word

A code word will be useful if you find yourself in an unsafe situation where you can't express wanting to leave.

Rather than letting the unsafe folks you've fallen in with know you're going to ditch them, agree to say something like “I'm craving donuts” to signal your friends that you feel unsafe and want to leave.
Stay Safe this Spring
Spring break should be about fun and relaxation, not paranoia and unpleasantness. These tips are a good starting point. With a little careful planning, everything will go your way.

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