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Navigating the Digital Age: 8 Inspiring Lessons from the Entrepreneurial Journey of Mr Steve Felder

Steve Felder is a seasoned global leader with a wealth of experience spanning six countries and four continents, serves as the Managing Director for South Asia at A. P. Moller-Maersk. Renowned for his growth-focused and results-driven approach, Steve has spearheaded transformative strategies that have propelled Maersk South Asia to remarkable success, boasting a workforce of over 2600 employees and a clientele exceeding 7000.

In an interview with Dr. Nitin Parab for his book "YOU CEO 2" Steve shared invaluable leadership insights, and pragmatic advice that underscores his commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable growth within the corporate landscape.

1. Go Digital:

In today's business landscape, digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword; it's a necessity for survival and growth. Steve Felder underscores the urgency for leaders to embrace digital strategies across all facets of their operations.

This entails more than simply digitizing existing processes; it involves a fundamental shift in mindset towards leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation. By identifying and overcoming barriers to digitization, leaders can pave the way for sustained success in the digital age.

Steve Felder 2. Empower Employees:

A cornerstone of effective leadership in the digital age is empowering employees to embrace digital initiatives. Steve emphasizes the importance of creating a culture where experimentation is encouraged, and failure is viewed as an opportunity for learning and growth.

By empowering employees to challenge the status quo and explore digital interventions, leaders can unlock their team's full potential and drive meaningful change within the organization.

3. Upskill Yourselves, Digitally:

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, continuous learning and upskilling are essential for leaders to stay ahead of the curve. Steve stresses the importance of developing a digital mindset and understanding the potential of technology to transform business models and drive innovation.

While mastery of every emerging technology may not be feasible, having a broad perspective on digital trends and their implications is crucial for guiding strategic decisions and allocating resources effectively.

4. Stay One Step Ahead:

In the digital age, complacency is a recipe for obsolescence. Leaders must proactively seek out opportunities to leverage technology to transform their industries and gain a competitive edge. Steve advocates for investing in initiatives that motivate and upskill the sales force, such as robust incentive programs and a culture of innovation.

By staying one step ahead of the competition, leaders can position their organizations for long-term success in an increasingly digital world.

5. Beyond these principles:

Beyond these principles, Steve shares insights on what makes Team Maersk click. By fostering diversity, transparency, and a culture of challenge, Maersk ensures that different age groups collaborate effectively. Moreover, investing in CSR and sustainability efforts not only aligns with the company's values but also resonates with employees.

As a mentor to emerging leaders, Steve offers invaluable advice:

- Be Adaptable: In a rapidly changing world, adaptability is key to success. Maintaining the status quo only leads to falling behind.

- Be Approachable: Leaders must engage with employees at all levels, fostering a culture of openness and transparency.

- Be Communicable: Effective communication of the business vision ensures alignment and understanding among team members.

- Be Focused: Prioritizing customers and employees leads to sustainable business growth and success.

- Be Diverse: Think globally and act locally: Adapting to diverse markets ensures relevance and success in a globalized world.

6. Lead, Don't Just Show:

Steve challenges the conventional emphasis on academic qualifications when grooming business leaders. While qualifications serve as a foundation, he recognizes that real-world experience often trumps classroom learning.

Steve values candidates who have demonstrated practical skills and a track record of success in relevant roles. By focusing on experience rather than merely credentials, he ensures that leaders are equipped to tackle the challenges of the digital age effectively.

7. Don't Underestimate How Much People Learn on the Job:

Steve understands the transformative power of on-the-job learning. He believes that while formal education provides a theoretical understanding, practical experience is where individuals truly develop and refine their skills.

Steve encourages a culture of continuous learning within Maersk, where employees are given opportunities to take on new challenges, experiment, and learn from both successes and failures. This hands-on approach fosters innovation and ensures that the workforce remains adaptable and resilient in a rapidly changing business environment.

8. The Right Candidate Is More Than Just Qualifications:

Beyond academic qualifications and technical expertise, Steve places great emphasis on assessing candidates' leadership abilities. He looks for individuals who possess not only the skills to execute tasks but also the vision and charisma to inspire and lead teams. Steve evaluates candidates based on their ability to communicate effectively, foster collaboration, and drive results.

Furthermore, he seeks leaders who align with the company's values and culture, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious working environment. By prioritizing leadership skills alongside qualifications, Steve ensures that Maersk's leaders are not only capable but also visionary and inspiring, driving the company towards continued success in the digital age.


Steve's approach to leadership transcends conventional qualifications. He values attitude over aptitude and prioritizes leadership qualities such as the ability to inspire, execute effectively, and align with company values. Ultimately, his global perspective and growth-focused strategies have propelled Maersk South Asia to unprecedented success.

Steve Felder's insights serve as a guiding light for leaders navigating the complexities of the digital age.

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