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Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorney: The Merger Everyone Is Talking About

A great news for residents of Texas. Two of the greatest lawyers in the state have joined hands. Yes, I am talking about Brandon Fulgham and Jeff Hampton. Together, they have created Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys.

The merger is regarded as a great step in the legal field, as a host of top former prosecutors with several years of experience in the field will be working together.

Fulgham Hampton Brandon Fulgham has over two decades of experience in the field of criminal law. He has multiple awards, including one from the Top 100 Lawyers for the best national trial lawyer. Over the next two decades, he held the following positions:

Misdemeanor Court Chief Prosecutor
Felony Prosecutor
Grand Jury Prosecutor

The Fulgham firm was established in 2009 by Brandon Fulgham, a professional and experienced criminal defense attorney. Brandon Fulgham did this after practicing prosecution for five years in Tarrant and Collin counties. The legal firm has quickly developed and boasts of having five attorneys today. Four of them are former prosecutors who tried over 300 jury cases. The team boasts an impressive track record of not guilty, no bills, and dismissals for their clients.

Jeff Hampton is another great lawyer in the Texas region. He has been helping people for over twenty years now. He has won multiple awards. He has held the following positions:

Felony Prosecutor
Misdemeanor Prosecutor
Grand Jury Prosecutor
Special Prosecutor

Imagine these two forces joining hands. They would be unstoppable, right? That’s exactly what is happening.

There’s more. There is one more merger.

Gebhardt & Eppes is a law firm based in Fort Worth. The legal firm has been in the industry for over 45 years. During this period, they have handled different cases with great success. Brian Eppes and Steven Gebhardt are prosecutors who have previously worked at different officesetups in the Lone Star State. Gebhardt has managed to try more than 100 criminal cases, along with several high-profile cases, including sexual assault, murder, and capital murder. Gebhardt put all he had learned as a prosecutorto use to help his clients accused of committing different criminal offenses.

Brian also boasts of having work experience at the Attorney's Office in Tarrant County District, where he has tried several misdemeanor and felony cases. He also worked as a Legislative Liaison to the District Attorney. The presence of Steve and Brian will surely bring strong synergy and top-trial experience to the merger.

Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys has developed a team approach where all the lawyers work together on every case. This style helps ensure clients have access to an advocate to provide them with answers to their questions. Jeff Hampton and Brandon Fulgham worked in the same prosecution team, shared an office, and handled cases together while working in County Criminal Court One until they decided to work as a team.

Later on, Nathan Martin and Dawn Ferguson joined Jeff and Brandon. This led to the creation of Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys. Each of them boasts experience trying hundreds of cases either as a jury or a judge.

Fulgham Hampton Today, Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorney handles different criminal cases, such as drug crimes, domestic violence, theft, property damage, assault, and DWI/DUI. It represents clients in Texas and the entire Tarrant County thanks to its perfect office locations, inBedford and Fort Worth. The attorneys at Fulgham Hampton fight hard to ensure the jury has a clear picture of a real you; they break down biases and make good use of evidence to prove the prosecution’s facts are skewed. They do this to ensure their clients get the best outcome from their cases.

Once you entrust Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorney with your case, they will commit to you and work tirelessly to ensure they get you the proper compensation. Fulgham Hampton limits the number of cases they accept. This ensures that the staff and the attorneys commit all their resources to the cases they handle and that they deliver the best results. With these, the clients can have faith and trust that their cases will be given the required attention and detail.

Their main office is at 4354 West Vickery Boulevard in Fort Worth. You can contact Fulgham Hampton Criminal Defense Attorneys if you are facing a criminal charge. They can help you with your situation and get you out of the charge.

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