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A Glimpse into the world of music

The sound of breath, the fall of a coin, the gush of wind, the rush of waves, a mothers lullaby, the clap of a baby, a click of a pen, the shoot of a gun.
a glimpse into the world of music,significance
This is music to me. I am not a singer nor a performer but just a music lover. Ever since I can remember, music has been my companion. Made me laugh, made me cry, accompanied me in every walk of life. At the age of 3, my mother's songs put me to sleep, at the age of 6, the notes of Carnatic pulled me into singing. At the age of ten, the tunes of Bollywood made me dance, at the age of twenty, the tunes of nature makes me go into a trance.

Music for me is pure magic. The effects of Felix felicis is what I feel. It refreshes me, it brings be back, surprises me, engages me, elites me and dissolves me.

It is a resonance, a mystery; it is a vibration and symmetry. It's an art that takes any form, which takes life from silence and grows into sound. Composed and performed for aesthetic pleasure, music for me is a lifelong treasure.

Music is different things to different people. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of music vary according to culture and social context. It is an identity and recognition.

It is defined, categorized, performed, classified and differentiated. Some call it jazz, some Carnatic, some call it Rap and some just music.

Shops to Restaurants, Radios to speakers, iphones to ipads, Youtube to myspace, from village to a city, a touch of a fingertip, you like it or not you are pulled to it. Music is a universal language that binds us together and pulls into a world beyond self and ego.

Just as water takes the shape of the container, just as fire grows with the increase of fuel, just as air that fills in every tiny space it gets. Just as sand that stays grounded all the time, music fills your mind, starts with a silence and grows with the sound, takes the form of ur thoughts and occupies your mind, dissolves with time. I cannot define I can just make you feel, love and live music.
Pause!!! Think of these sounds. Waves, Rain, Claps, Breeze...Could you hear. Are these sounds musical to your ears? What does silence sound like? Have you ever experienced silence? Do you like it? Beautiful, isn't it? That is music.

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Sireesha MK
Sireesha MK is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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